20 of Jeffrey Epstein’s Victims Were Paid Through JPMorgan Chase


In a new lawsuit filed by the US Virgin Islands against JPMorgan Chase, documents were not sealed. They revealed that at most 20 victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island were paid through bank accounts. Insiders claim that the US Virgin Islands filed in January a revised version of its December lawsuit, with far less redacted information than it had the previous one. JPMorgan asked for the dismissal of the suit by a Manhattan federal court. According to the new filing, Epstein owned 55 accounts worth “hundreds and millions of dollars.” The suit claims that abuse and trafficking occurred between 2003 and 2019. The victims received over $1 million between 2003 and 2013. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, was notified by the suit that Epstein had ties to the bank.

Even more troubling is the evidence that Epstein was friends with Jes Stanley, a JPMorgan executive. This friendship was exposed when Staley resigned from his position as CEO of Barclay’s. Staley was assigned to look for red flags in Epstein’s account activity. The bank had Epstein labeled a client “high-risk” in 2006. According to the lawsuit:

Staley sent Epstein approximately 1,200 emails between 2008 and 2012. This was through his JP Morgan account. These communications reveal a close friendship and a ‘profound’ relationship between the men. They also suggest that Staley might have been involved with Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

Some emails contained images of women. The Epoch Times reports that one email exchange contained the following information after Staley visited Epstein’s island.

Staley: Say hi to Snow White.

Epstein: What character would you like next?

Staley: Beauty and the Beast

Epstein: Well one side is available.

Staley also stated in another email that she knew of the dangers involved with sending this email. It was wonderful to be able to give you, New York City, an extended, heartfelt hug today.

Following a Staley visit to Epstein in Florida and Staley’s request for “something”, wire transfers were made. According to the lawsuit, none of Epstein’s emails with Staley were linked to Epstein’s risk reviews. JP Morgan also allowed Staley the right to continue being a decision-maker in Epstein’s accounts. JP Morgan even asked Staley to talk with Epstein about the human trafficking allegations.

The bank stated that Epstein’s accounts were not unusual even in 2013, late 2013. The filing claims that Epstein withdrew more cash from JP Morgan accounts between 2003 and 2019. This is significant because Epstein was known for paying cash for massages, or sexual encounters. Financial information also includes payments from JP Morgan accounts for nearly $ 1.5 million to known recruiters, which included the MC2 modeling agency and $150,000 to a private investigation firm.

Authorities have requested that, in addition to civil penalties for JPMorgan, the court order it to pay fees and restitution to “all ill-gotten gain” and to reimburse the government.