2024 Should Not Be About Donald Trump, It Must Be About Stopping the Radical Left


Tom Petty said that this does not have to be a big win. 2024 shouldn’t be about vengeance 2020. It should be about the Republican Party putting themselves in the best position possible to defeat the radical leftist agenda pushed down our throats through Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Every voting American must make regaining control over the White House their singular goal. This is because they are sick and tired of not only the terrible Biden presidency but also the left’s relentless quest to destroy America as it exists today. The left is indoctrinating young people into thinking they can make gender-altering choices. They also program them to believe that America is racist and that systemic racism and white supremacy are the biggest threats to the nation. This is total crap.

Ah, I almost forgot: White Americans are inherently racist simply because they were born white. As such, they must live their whole lives atoning for being white by performing anti-racism acts. (See Critical Race Theory.

We are now less than three months away from the 2022 midterms in which the Republican Party will likely win control of the House — even though I don’t believe that the “red wave” predicted by many political pundits will occur — and have a chance to regain the Senate majority with a 50%-60 percent probability.

The House control would be huge, setting the stage for the retake of the White House. This would deny the Democrats the chance to destroy America beyond January 2025.

I have thoughts as you might guess.

Internecine warfare: Never Trumpers vs. Always Trumpers.

Internecine war is a grave danger and continues to be a problem for the Republican Party. It is a fact. Denying it only makes matters worse. As divided as it is, the GOP cannot afford to enter the 2024 presidential election season. Rejecting the truth is futile for anyone on either side — it only serves to benefit the Democrats.

Trump’s Derangement Syndrome is one thing. But the ongoing division within the party is another. This dynamic is further complicated by the fact that each faction attacks the other while denying its respective roles. The Always-Trumpers dismiss the idea that they exist and point to the Never-Trumpers for the problem. This is simply not true. Make no mistake, it is often bitter and in the best interest of Democrats.

My personal case: I voted in favor of Trump in 2016, 2020, and 2024. If he becomes the Republican nominee, I will vote in his name in 2024. Period. Additionally, Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney validated my votes — three of five associate justices who voted in the 5-4 victory over Roe v Wade.

Trump’s efforts at securing the southern border were also largely successful. This contrasts with the ongoing border crisis that Biden purposely created. After eight years of the Obama administration’s kowtowing, and after working to strengthen the U.S. army, Trump’s presidency was generally a positive policy decision.

As you all know, I have criticized Trump’s actions when I disagree with them and I will continue to do this. This is what a conservative but objective political pundit does. Despite my support for Trump’s policies, I have been called every name in his book when I criticize him. This bothers me not, as I’ve been doing this for quite some time. What bothers me is the fact that 2024 will be a hard, bitterly fought election and that the GOP cannot afford Trump’s baggage, whether it is attached by Trump or his detractors.

Trump’s presidency was, in the eyes and opinions of Republican voters, largely successful. It’s now time to move on. For a reason, the windshield is bigger than the rear windows. 2020 is done and there will be no resolving it. Although I can understand why some would argue that it should be resolved, I respectfully disagree. To be honest, I don’t think the 2020 election or its aftermath can ever be resolved in the way some are demanding.

Trump-DeSantis ticket?

What is your dream team? It all depends on what you are dreaming about. The idea of Trump-DeSantis 2024 has been a popular topic among social media keyboard warriors as well as pundits. There are memes constantly popping up. It’s often stated that DeSantis would make a great vice-president under Trump, and then could run for the White House in 2028. However, there are many problems with this pipedream. The bottom line is that it’s unlikely to happen.

Trump has mentioned the possibility, but I don’t believe he would want DeSantis to be in the two-spot. Given DeSantis’ equally strong personality and equal intelligence, I doubt he would. Second, DeSantis wouldn’t accept the offer. It would not be in his best interests. Just ask, “Why would he?” How does the governor move forward?

Trump is still toxic to a lot of Americans. This is a fact.

The facts are the same, regardless of whether Trump’s baggage is self-inflicted or if he is a victim of the TDS-ridden left. Tens of millions of Trump votes in 2016 were actually not-Hillary votes. The script was flipped in 2020, when Trump was defeated partly by not-Trump voters, vs votes for Biden. This reality will repeat if Trump is nominated in 2024.


For the reasons I have outlined, Donald Trump is not the best choice for the Republican Party in 2024.

My colleague suggested this in an August 19 article:

Donald Trump is the most polarizing figure in modern history. It’s hard to argue otherwise. His most loyal supporters are his most dedicated and determined opponents. We’ve divided ourselves into Trump camps over the past seven years – ya either love or hate him and those who feel the other way. They are the worst.

This is not an indictment or defense of Trump. It is an observation and a reflection of us. Too many people have allowed their feelings about one man, or what he represents to themselves, to dictate almost everything they do and say. They’re still blind, regardless of whether they are operating under blind loyalty or blind hatred.

It is important to keep your eyes on the principles and not the people.

Susie’s point is still spot-on. As I stated at the top, 2024 does not have to be a big win. It could be the bane of conservative causes in 2024 if those who believe it does and those who focus on principles rather than people are the ones to blame. Let’s hope so.