Another IRS Whistleblower Emerges in Hunter Biden Probe Following Investigators’ Removal


Documents sent to Congress this week revealed that a second IRS whistleblower was involved in the Department of Justice (DOJ’s) investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax fraud after the entire IRS team investigating the son of the president had been expelled.

The IRS whistleblower is a special IRS agent who works in the international tax and financial crime group. He joins his supervisor, who claimed in April that two political appointees of the Biden administration within the Justice Department had politically interfered with the investigation to block the filing of charges against Hunter Biden, for tax violations, against the recommendations. The first whistleblower claimed that Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to appoint an independent prosecutor to separate the investigation from President Joe Biden.

Both whistleblowers plan to attend a major hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday. Both will express their concerns regarding the DOJ’s alleged corruption in the department.

The second IRS whistleblower alerted Congress after the DOJ had allegedly ordered him and his team to be removed from the case. The new IRS whistleblower has been leading the investigation since January 2020 and has 12 co-workers.

The new whistleblower alleged on May 17 leadership excluded his team from the case after leadership learned of “longstanding concerns” about the handling of the probe. The concerns allegedly angered a redacted “U.S. Attorney for the District…”

David Weiss is the U.S. attorney for the District of Delaware, an appointee of the Trump administration. He is the main prosecutor. Garland said in March to Congress that Weiss had the authority to make changes. However, Biden’s Attorney General has admitted that he must sign off the charges.

In a meeting held on October 7, 2022, the U.S. attorney for the District of [redacted] learned that the IRS and FBI were both concerned about the case’s handling. After [redacted] expressed his concerns to the [redacted] USAO during a call with the prosecutorial teams on October 17, 2022, he was no longer invited to attend any future prosecutorial meetings or calls.

David C. Weiss, the newly appointed United States Attorney, is investigating Trump’s son for tax fraud and money laundering as well as gun and foreign lobbying.

“For the past couple of years, both my supervisor and I have been trying to get the attention of our senior leadership on certain issues that are prevalent in the investigation. The agent wrote to IRS officials that he had requested countless meetings with the chief and deputy chief, but was often left on an island without hearing from them.

It is unacceptable that the IRS [Criminal Investigation] senior management has not been involved in this investigation. This is deeply disturbing. The response was too often that we were being isolated, rather than acknowledging the need for close engagement and full support of the investigative team in this extremely sensitive case. (Even when I repeatedly said that I didn’t feel heard or that I couldn’t perform my job properly because of actions by the USAO and DOJ).

The whistleblower wrote that his team was removed from the case because of the DOJ’s and U.S. Attorney’s office’s actions.

The person wrote: “The decision to remove investigatory teams from [redacted] before actually speaking with them, was in my opinion a decision not to side with the investigators, but to side with the US Attorney’s Office and Department of Justice whom we have said for some time that they were acting inappropriately,”

Lola Watson, assistant special agent of the IRS DC field office and in charge of the whistleblower’s Friday message, reportedly said:

Several times, you have been instructed to follow the chain of command. IRS-CI has a chain for many reasons, including preventing unauthorized disclosures. You may have sent an email yesterday that included possible grand jury material (aka 6e) in both the subject line as well as the content of the message, and included recipients who were not on the list.

Mark Lytle, TristianLeavitt, and their attorneys wrote to the IRS Monday, expressing concern about “reprisals” that would be “unacceptable and against the law” for the Special Agent.

The first whistleblower largely supports the claims of the second whistleblower. The New York Post reported that the first whistleblower claimed “an assistant US Attorney and an attorney from the DOJ tax division demanded on Oct. 24, 2020, all his emails related the case” and “made a similar demand to the FBI.”

The IRS whistleblowers come as the probe into Hunter Biden could implicate Joe Biden. A witness who testified before the grand jury was reportedly asked to identify the “big guy.”