60 Minutes Casually Promotes Genocidal Ideology


You thought 60 Minutes could not go any lower? Well, you might want to think again.

Over the past few years, the legacy investigative reporting program has had a lot of success. Lesley Stahl, who chastised Donald Trump for telling the truth regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, is not to be missed. Or the ridiculous, fake hit piece about Ron DeSantis. Add a bit of Holocaust denial and you’ll get the idea. 60 Minutes is a complete dumpster fire.

However, I suspect the producers of the show weren’t content to burn any credibility they had. On Sunday, they took the ashes out and scattered them in the wind.

Although I don’t find much to be surprised by anymore about the legacy press, this is still quite remarkable. Paul Ehrlich, the discredit hack who has promoted the “population bomb”, a genocidal ideology that assumes that humanity must be killed in order for the Earth’s survival, for 55 years.

To make it clear, Ehrlich’s “solutions” do not include the use of the word “genocidal”. Millions upon millions would die if they stopped living the way he proposes, especially those in poorer countries. This is compounded by the fact that everything Ehrlich has predicted has been wrong for at least five decades. Ehrlich would see millions of people die without need, but 60 Minutes chose to air him anyway.

These are just a few examples of Ehrlich’s illogical predictions that fell flat.

Ironically, Ehrlich’s predictions have not come true largely due to humans doing the opposite of what he wanted. Ehrlich has long advocated the end of the modern standard of living. But it is this standard of living that has saved millions from starvation that would otherwise have been fatal. 60 Minutes still considers him an expert on the subject and doesn’t even point out how wrong he has been over the years.

This decision is quite psychotic. It’s almost as if 60 Minutes wants an overpopulation problem to continue pushing its pointless, harmful green agenda. Scott Pelley, who was the interviewer, further illustrated this point.

If you have a radical ideology and one goal, history must be rewritten to suit the story. Although the California Grizzly Bear’s extinction was not related to overpopulation 100 years ago, Pelley made the claim anyway.

We see that same dynamic in regard to the topic of climate change constantly as well. Everything is climate change so as to support the narrative. Too few hurricanes? Climate change. Too many hurricanes? Climate change. Too much snow? Climate change. Too little snow? Climate change. Too much rain? Climate change. Too little rain? Climate change.

60 Minutes is a show that has no shame. It’s a horrible show that allows political partisanship to destroy a once-respected company. It may be for the better. It is better for them to be out there than to continue hiding behind an objective facade.