A Man Who Set Fire to His Grandmother’s House While She Was Sleeping Inside, Now Accused of Slitting His Father’s Throat


A Pennsylvania man, who was already serving time for catching his grandmother’s house on fire, is now accused of harming another member of his family.

At 1:30 AM Sunday morning, the Pennsylvania State Police was notified of a domestic disturbance in Chambersburg. Chambersburg is located midway between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Troopers arrived to find a 69-year-old man with a towel around his neck. The towel was “dripping in blood,” according to the Daily Voice.

Troopers reported that the unnamed victim told troopers he was asleep on the couch and Christopher Thomas Rhone, 43, woke him up. He then began attacking him with kitchen knives.

The man in severe pain was airlifted quickly to a local hospital. Reports state that he suffered multiple puncture wounds and severe lacerations to his neck, head, and face. Particularly concerning was the vertical slit in the throat. Witnesses described seeing “bubbles” in the wound, which they said were caused by the victim inhaling and exhaling. However, the man survived.

Medical teams treated the victim and troopers located the suspect while they were still on the premises. Rhone was taken to Franklin County Jail, where he was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. He was denied bond at a hearing held on April 3rd.

This arrest comes seven years after Rhone was first arrested for setting fire to his grandmother’s home while she was sleeping inside. Rhone told his grandmother that he set the fire and warned her to get away after she was alerted by the smoke alarm. Rhone later apologized for his actions to his grandmother. Rhone told his stepmother why he set fire to the house. He said it was dirty and that he had to clean it.

Rhone was originally charged with attempted homicide, arson-danger to death or bodily injury, aggravated assault, and criminal mischief. He also faces several misdemeanor reckless endangerment charges. He was convicted of one count each of criminal mischief, and spent 666 days in prison.