ABC News Bloodbath Leaves Staffers Stunned


According to CNN, ABC News employees were shocked when several top executives were laid off.

Kim Godwin, president of ABC News, told staff that downsizing was affecting “teams” and that the announcement was made several weeks ago. CNN reported this Thursday.

The memo stated that “While these actions are not easy, they are necessary steps to ensure we are on solid footing in the years ahead as the organization charts a sustainable, growth-oriented pathway forward for all of us.” This is a difficult time, especially for those who are directly affected by these hard decisions. It’s important to remember, however, that we all have the ability to overcome and emerge stronger from this transition period.

CNN reported that Wendy Fisher, senior vice-president of news gathering, Galen Gordon, senior vice-president of talent, Mary Noonan and Alison Rudnick were among the people who were laid off. Heather Riley, executive editorial producer Heather Riley, David Herndon, Los Angeles bureau chief, and senior executive producer Chris Vlasto are also among those who were laid off.

An anonymous ABC employee told CNN that there was “a lot of shock” in the newsroom. “So many people with institutional know-how are gone.”

CNN reported that other unfilled roles were also eliminated, with approximately 50 roles being lost.

This move follows a February statement by Bob Iger, Disney Chief Executive Officer, that the company would be laying off approximately 7,000 employees over the next few months.