Accusations of War-Profiteering Against Trump Whistle-Blower Alexander Vindman


Alexander Vindman, also known as the “man who would become king-maker”, or the whistle-blower on Trump’s “perfect call”, is back in the news after he allegedly made a profit from America’s support for the war in Ukraine.

When he was Lt. Colonel Vindman, Mr. Vindman was made a public figure and was assigned to the White House during Trump’s presidency. He listened to Donald Trump’s call to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, an Army NSC staffer. Vindman was not pleased with the tone of Trump’s call and was instrumental in Trump’s first impeachment. Vindman called the call “inappropriate coercion.” Trump claimed that the call was “perfect.”

Vindman gave testimony about the call and was then removed from his White House position and escorted away. He later retired. Vindman sued Trump, claiming that they defamed him and smeared his character. He was also prevented from being promoted to full Colonel. Vindman’s lawsuit was dismissed in November 2022 after the court told Vindman that they hadn’t proven his case. The judge took a dig at Trump and his associates, saying:

[Vindman’s] pled facts, taken together as true, clearly indicate that the Defendants made harsh, mean-hearted, and sometimes misleading attacks on him. However, political hackery does not constitute a violation of the law.

Bad Orange Man is not a cause for action.

It is unclear what Vindman does for a living. Vindman’s book was a failure so he must do something to make money. Jack Posobiec, Human Events, and a recent article suggested that Vindman, as the CEO of “Trident Systems” Trident International LLC, has profited from the Ukrainian War. Vindman, the CEO of Trident International LLC (or “Trident Systems”), is accused of creating a “deck” to sell a Ukranian weapon system that would be worth 12 million dollars. The Human Events claim:

Human Events has recently discovered that Alexander Vindman was pitching Ukraine for lucrative defense contracts. Vindman was the CEO of Trident Support in August 2022 and pitched a deck about a Ukraine Weapons Systems Sustainment Center. This center would address issues with Ukraine’s weapon management, including readiness, repair, maintenance, and repair.

Vindman suggested that his company Trident Support, which received $12 million in initial funding would provide support closer to the frontlines by serving as a logistical middle point from which equipment could then be distributed.

This deck is reproduced as a PDF in the Human Events article. It is easy to see the proposal, but it is not clear to whom it is being directed.

Fox News identified “Trident Support LLC” and “Trident International LLC” as having no business links. Fox News pulled information about an apparel exporter. Vindman is not linked. Vindman is not the only one who has a connection to Vindman. Companies that want to make war profits are not afraid to hide behind LLCs or shell companies.

Marsha Blackburn launched an attack on Vindman, but Fox News responded:

“Ooh, Blackburn. She is an idiot and propagates chaos through disinformation. She has never spoken a single truth about me. Vindman stated that her attacks in 2019/20 made it impossible for him to continue his nonpartisan military service.”

He added that “More important, it was the politicization of Ukraine by the fringe right that brought about the war, which has imperiled Ukraine, Europe, and most importantly the U.S.”

Vindman appears to have confirmed that his company, whatever it may be called, is indeed trying to contract Ukraine and make money from the war. Vindman sent this tweet, which has since been deleted:

“Thanks for the advertisement. I am trying to put logistics in place to help Ukraine win the war and secure America. I am looking for philanthropic donations to help me get it moving. If you are interested in supporting democracy and US National Security, please reach out.”

Vindman has speculated that the claims are defamatory since then, and ever since the article “Human Events” was published. He tweeted:

Vindman had many takers, such as this guy to whom I replied. Twitter lawyers are the best.

Vindman is a public figure. He would first have to prove that Human Events’ statements are false and that Human Events acted with actual Malice. This means that Human Events published the statements knowing that they were false, or with reckless disregard for whether they were true or not. Vindman appears to have confirmed his involvement and was seeking to “partner” to get it moving. It seems Vindman might lose his next defamation suit right after his first.