AD Rips Arizona Dem For Backing Policies Pushing Operations On Youth


American Principles Project (APA), a pro-family group, released an ad in Arizona criticizing Sen. Mark Kelly (D–AZ) for his support of “policies pushing Transgender Drugs and Surgery on Children.”

The APP, a national group that aims to “make the family the most powerful, represented special interest group in Washington, D.C.” announced Monday’s publication of the advertisement.

Miriam Grossman (child psychologist): “We have an explosion in kids making an announcement that their transgender identity is announced.” At the beginning of the video.

The narration then says that Democrats like Joe Biden and Mark Kelly support policies that push dangerous transgender drugs, surgeries on children, and take away parental rights. A graphic on the screen refers to Senate Bill 393 which Kelly and 45 other Democrats are cosponsors.

The “Equality Act”, also known as the bill, would eliminate the legal definitions of biological sex. If it is signed into law, the bill, which Melissa Moschella, Ph.D. pointed out in a Heritage Foundation report, would impose “a radical ideology with broad implications on all Americans.”

Moschella pointed out that a parent’s “cautionary or skepticism” about their child’s desire for sex change could be considered abuse or neglect under the legislation:

To understand how radically the Equality Act would undermine parental rights, imagine that you are the parent of an adolescent girl who… begins to identify as transgender after watching video testimonials of transgender-identifying adolescents on Tumblr, despite never previously having expressed discomfort with her gender. You can be worried that your daughter is following a social media-induced trend and resist her demands to change her name. Instead, get her a chest binder, men’s clothing and testosterone. Your skepticism and caution could be considered neglectful or abusive.

Your daughter may begin to present herself at school as a boy with the assistance of school officials. This could include adopting a new name, pronouns and using the locker room and bathroom for boys, as well participating in boy’s sports. While she and school officials work together, you, as the parent, will be kept in the dark about what is happening.

Moschella also warns about the danger to parents’ rights. She wrote that the “Equality Act” would “demolish existing constitutional rights and civil rights — and is an extremely serious threat to parental rights.”