AG Bill Bar Burns With Fury,Set Corrupt Democrats On The Run With His Latest Move

Ag bill bar subpoenaed democratic organizations
AG bill bar

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Corrupt Democrats are getting their asses whooped with widespread investigations,Ag Bill Bar is going to war with corruption head-on…

Ag bill bar subpoenaed democratic organizations
AG bill bar

The entire Democrats establishment in Chicago has been hit with widespread raids by the FBI and a new round of subpoenas.

To say they’re on high alert is probably an understatement!, It wasn’t just a few people in the Democrat organization that were reached; it was the whole kit and kaboodle. Some of the heavy hitters have already been indicted, and I think it’s safe to say that more heads will roll as the probe continues. Speculators are saying the problem may reach the highest halls in the Windy City.


From The Chicago Tribune:


FBI agents who raided the village hall in southwest suburban Lyons last month seized a plethora of evidence, including information on a clout-heavy red light camera company, a popular brewery, an embattled video gaming magnate and a construction magnate who owns a huge quarry in town, records show.


On the day of the Sept. 26 raid, Lyons was also served with a federal grand jury subpoena demanding a wide range of records, on a hotel and resort backed by Mayor Christopher Getty, the home security system at Getty’s residence, and the entire Democratic Organization of Lyons Township — headed by state Sen. Steven Landek.


The documents, released by Lyons after business hours on Tuesday, were the latest public disclosure in a sprawling federal political corruption investigation, that has rocked Springfield and Chicago’s near southwestern suburbs, the traditional power base of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.


The investigation, which records show has been going on behind the scenes, since at least 2017, exploded in the public eye on Sept. 24, when the FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents carried out search warrants, at the offices of state Sen. Martin Sandoval in the Capitol and in west suburban Cicero.

President Trump Reacts To Project Veritas,Slap CNN With Major Lawsuit…(see full details)


So far, no one has been criminally charged in the ongoing probe.


Lyons officials had initially issued a blanket denial of open records requests from the news media, claiming federal investigators had asked, that no information be released about the warrant.

But the town acquiesced after being sued by several media outlets.


  1. Take them democrats down Mr Barr they are all crooks. I want Obama’s butt in prison and all the millions he took from the American taxpayers put back in the U.S.Treasury.

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