AI Weapon Detection Firm Aims to Prevent School Shootings: ‘A Proactive Measure'”


The company uses AI to detect guns

Artificial Intelligence in Education is gaining popularity, both inside and outside the classroom.

Fort Smith Public Schools, in Arkansas, have teamed with ZeroEyes for the prevention of threats.

The core mission of our company is to prevent mass shootings in schools and active shooters.

JT Wilkins, senior vice president of sales at ZeroEyes. The system asks only one question: is this picture a weapon or not?

ZeroEyes’ human-verified AI gun detection technology.


Privacy barriers and bike racks created the memorial perimeter after a video was released of the shooting that occurred at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas on July 13, 2020.

ZeroEyes is installed in thousands of buildings across forty states by hundreds of clients.

Wilkins said that the system takes three to five seconds to detect an alert and send it out.

The company was founded by a group of Navy SEALs and technologists in response to Parkland’s shooting in 2018. They wanted to prevent similar events.


ZeroEyes 24/7/365 Operation Center.

Martin Mahan, said: “With this partnership, cameras can be used to reduce threats proactively.”

Our board agreed at its last meeting, on February 26th, that the first step to implementing our five-year strategic plan is to install artificial-intelligence cameras. Through this partnership, we will be able to utilize a large number, and if feasible, all exterior-facing cameras in our five year plan.

Mahan stated that Fort Smith Public Schools has many levels of security, but they are reactive.

A Forsyth County Sheriff will direct law enforcement on Wednesday, September 1st, 2020 at Mount Tabor High School in Winston-Salem. A suspect was arrested.

Mahan said, “We’ve put in place multiple layers of security in order to protect our students and staff. The recent developments in artificial-intelligence camera systems provide another layer of safety.

A police force is present in the district. The district has implemented security measures at the doors and entranceways. As part of the program to reunite the families, staff receives training on “stopping the bleeding”.

Wilkins said that the operation center is crucial to ensuring context and the right response during alert situations.

We won’t send the cavalry on campus if there is Nerf, or a similar weapon. We would instead notify the school district in another way that there was a Nerf or similar weapon on campus.