Alito Says Leaked Abortion Ruling Put Justice’s Lives in Danger


Samuel Alito, Associate Supreme Court Justice, stated during remarks to the Heritage Foundation that the Dobbs decision was leaked and put the lives of conservative justices at risk.

Alito stated at the event that the leak made those who were believed to be in support of Roe and Casey overrule targets for assassination. “It also gave people a rational basis to believe they could prevent it from happening by killing one,” Alito said.

Conservative justices should be aware of the hateful rhetoric being thrown out by left-wing activists, and other activists calling for the overthrow of the court. They also need to applaud activists who threaten the families and judges. Some twisted radicals might be able to quickly give Joe Biden an opportunity to turn the page to the right. However, there won’t likely be another president for two years.

New York Times:

He stated that the idea was not farfetched and noted an attempted assassination of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh. In June, a California man was found with a gun, knife, and other weapons and was charged with attempted murder. The police say that the man claimed he was angry at the draft leaked by the court, implying that Roe would be overturned.

Alito also criticized the idea that the court was illegitimate to overturn precedents such as Roe v. Wade.

He said, “Everyone in this country can disagree with our decisions.” “Everybody has the right to critique our reasoning in strong terms. This is certainly true in the media, as well as in writings by law professors and social media.

He said, “But to claim that the court exhibits lack of integrity it is something quite different.” “That speaks to character.”

It’s a base smear that lacks any evidence that Roe was rigged by the justices, and it somehow renders their decisions invalid.

“Someone crosses a critical line when they claim that the court is acting in an illegitimate manner. This is a serious claim that anyone in authority should not make lightly. This is more than just criticism. Alito said that this is something quite different.”

The extremely dangerous atmosphere that erupted around the leaked draft abortion opinion last summer was not given enough attention. Democrats didn’t take threats to justices’ families seriously. They implied that they were part of the Democratic protest and that any attempt to protect them and their families was equivalent to suppressing free speech.

Some Democrats hoped that at least one justice would be killed to give the left the chance to win the court.

Everything is possible in this age and age. And Democrats who reject Alito’s claims are either not caring or don’t believe it is possible.