Allegations of Wrongdoing Surface as Former Target of DOJ’s Trump Legal Team Comes Forward


Jack Smith is a Special Attorney who will be in charge of investigating and indicting Donald Trump. Smith was arraigned Tuesday. According to USA Today, Smith was the former prosecutor for Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.), a former member of Congress.

Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel to oversee the Trump investigation, and Smith also added David Harbach to his team. Harbach spoke with the presiding Judge during the Trump hearing. Smith sat in the audience.

Harbach & Smith worked on a case that involved a former congressman Renzi. The case was seen as political bias.

Renzi, who was found guilty in 2013 of 17 felonies for alleged extortion, bribery, and corruption, pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. Smith and others involved in Renzi’s prosecution may have also been sanctioned, according to a 2019 complaint and investigation request made by Mayer Brown, on behalf of Renzi. It included illegal wiretaps and improper leaks to the media. This included improper media leaks and illegal wiretaps.

Smith and Harbach are stacking the decks in Trump’s favor, much like they did with Renzi. He revealed other shocking details which were never released.

Renzi said Smith and Harbach tried to “pierce the attorney-client confidential in Renzi’s case.” The Los Angeles Times used the same language to describe federal prosecutors who worked under Smith’s supervision against Trump.

Renzi told me he could not sleep as he described his nightmare that had lasted for years. “There’s no peace without justice,” he said. The DOJ and FBI are targeting Trump in the same manner as they did him. “He is dangerous, very dangerous.” Harbach is also “very capable” but that makes them dangerous.

There are already parallels between Renzi’s actions and those of Trump. CNN News Central stated on June 13th that potential Trump jury members should be chosen based on their “worldviews” and “where they obtain their news.” Scott Sundby, a University of Miami professor of criminal law, suggested that a Trump jury should not have been allowed to hear a right-wing site in the E. Jean Carroll trial.

CNN may seem crazy to some. Jack Smith, and his co-workers, may think the same thing. Renzi claimed that none of them was chosen.

Smith and Harbach asked potential jurors to raise their hands if they are pro-life, or if support pregnancy care centers. Renzi, a prolife congressman who had 12 children, said that they were trying to exclude people with similar political views. Renzi’s views and involvement in pro-life legislation were public.

The former congressman claimed that Smith and Harbach were “sitting there, writing their number — these potential jury members were seated on chairs with numbers so that they could then exclude them from a jury. “They struck… You can expect them to use this corrupt strategy in court. ”

Renzi stated that, if Smith and Harbach excluded pro-lifers from the jury, as Renzi alleged, then this would be blatant interference in a jury trial, similar to what CNN said about Trump’s potential jury trial. Renzi also noted that Mayer Brown was a Democratic law firm that presented evidence of Smith’s teams’ wrongdoings, including the illegal wiretaps. The evidence did not depend on the party affiliation.