Alyssa Farah Griffin Pushes Back Against ‘The View’ Co-Hosts As They Attempt To Defend Antifa


Alyssa Griffin, co-host of “The View”, reacted on Wednesday when the other panelists tried to defend Antifa.
Joy Behar, Joy’s co-host, claimed that the Proud Boys of the right are worse than Antifa. This is because the left-wing group it “is not a highly-organized group” and was not endorsed by any elected Democrats.

Griffin responded by citing FBI Director Christopher Wray who called Antifa an “extremist group” and an “anarchist” after launching a 2017 investigation into the violence of the group.

“[Antifa] is not a well-organized movement. It’s just a name. It’s not an unified group as the Proud Boys. They are not supported by elected officials like the Proud Boys. Behar said that, for example, “We know Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand aside” during a presidential debate in 2020.”

Behar said that “Republican Paul Gosar, who represents Arizona as a Republican representative, posted photos with a member [of the military group] Oath Keepers.” “Representative Andy Biggs is another Republican who has spoken at extremist events, including at one where a founder from the Oath Keepers advocated hanging Senator John McCain.”

“I want to push back on Antifa a bit.” Griffin replied, citing Wray’s statement from 2017.

The New York Times obtained an alleged text from former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. The message was about a video of a group of “Trump guys” assaulting a “Antifa kid” in Washington, D.C. Carlson’s message described a video showing a group “Trump guys”, including a “Antifa child” being attacked by a “Trump guy” in Washington, D.C. Carlson said that he was “rooting for the mob” but later added that he should “not gloat,” and that “somewhere someone probably loves this kid.”

Sunny Hostin, co-host of the show, said Antifa was a loose organization. Goldberg claimed that black people were often accused of belonging to Antifa. Griffin continued his pushback by claiming that Antifa had carried out “extremist ideologies” since George Floyd’s murder in 2020.

Griffin went on to say, “It’s different than the Proud Boys. They’re not organized and elected officials haven’t appeared with them.” “We agree on that. Christopher Wray, however, said that people are exploiting the situation after George Floyd was murdered to pursue extremist agendas, anarchists such as Antifa, and other agitators –‘”

Goldberg interjected, “Again, you cannot point at a person and say, Oh, that person represents Antifa’.” “Every time four black people are seen, they automatically think of Antifa.”

Griffin replied: “It’s a mostly white organization.”

Goldberg shouted, “That’s exactly what we said!”