America-Hating Leftists Should Be Forced to Try the Alternatives


It was not surprising to see all the whining leftists yesterday. They’ve been doing this for years, as we said. It was not surprising that they tried to cancel the Fourth of July because of the intense emotions these mentally ill, fragile idiots were experiencing.

It was so absurd and repetitive. Chastain, a New York resident, was being celebrated for choosing Independence Day over “reproductive right”. In the Empire State, Chastain will still be able to conceive a sibling for her children if she so chooses.

We also said that leftists complain for as long as we can remember. I was raised during the Cold War, and I was constantly subjected to low-IQ lefties extolling all the virtues of Soviet systems.

These America-bashing celebrities have had one thing in common over the years: They are all citizens of the United States.

These are people of privilege living the American dream, complaining about everything. They know full well that they are protected because they are citizens of the country they hate.

They can also go anywhere they want.

Celebrity leftists are well-known for “threatening to leave” the country if things don’t go their way. In the last ten days, I have seen a lot of “Canada is looking great” posts on social media. Conservatives offer to help people relocate, being good neighbors.

They never do.

One reason they don’t has to do with the fact that their socialist utopias don’t have liberal immigration policies. Canada may seem good to them, but Canada doesn’t look so good to them. One of my friends, a lefty comedian club owner, once believed he could get Canadian government health care if he had an anchor child. He was immediately asked by his neighbors to the north to take his baby and move to Canada.

However, the biggest reason is that they know deep in their dark commie hearts that the United States of America is the best option. Although they don’t have the freedom to publicly state it, they are part of an ideologically rabid, insular culture.

All the America-hating celebrities could use some perspective. Let Jessica Chastain spend one year in Tehran to see how feminist ideas are accepted there.

They might have had a less intense lust for abortion at full gestation if they had spent more time in Europe, where legal abortions are considered draconian.

Although I am no longer active in activism, I may be interested in starting an organization that provides one-way tickets to the United States for prog stars who believe their freedoms have been taken away because they are unable to abort babies as a team of infanticidal barbarians.

It will be the only money that any leftist ever turns down.