Americans Call Out Ben & Jerry’s for ‘Out of Touch’ Independence Day Post


Ben & Jerry’s has been a company that pushes leftist talking points since its founding, so it’s not surprising to see them spout off some progressive rhetoric. They have a long history of making such statements.

The company’s actions on July 4th set off the Internet, and many people responded with well-deserved ratings.

The ice cream company’s Independence Day tweet divided fans when it stated, “The United States was founded on stolen native lands.” ” Let’s commit to returning it this Fourth of July.

The same message was posted on the company’s website, arguing that July 4th celebrations can “distract”, from an important truth regarding America’s founding.

Ben & Jerry’s suggested that we “start with Mount Rushmore”, and wrote: “What does Independence Day represent for those whose lands were stolen by our country, murdered, and forced into reservations through brutal violence? Who were pushed from their holy places and denied their freedom?” ”

The statement concluded, “The faces of Mount Rushmore are men who actively worked to undermine Indigenous cultures and lifestyles, denying Indigenous People their fundamental rights.”

The video has been viewed more than 11,000,000 times, and it’s still growing. You can safely say that the majority of responses were negative.

If the company believes this, when would it turn over its land and properties to the tribes that used to inhabit those lands? They should give up the land if they want to promote the idea.

Why is Unilever not giving all the land back to Ben & Jerry? This will probably never happen.

Some even went further and raised the cows. Some even brought up the cows.

When are they going to release the cows they milk for profit?

We know they won’t give up their property or money. What is the point if people don’t want to do it?

They no longer read the room. The public is less tolerant. John Rich from the country group John Rich called for Americans to boycott Ben and Jerry’s.

I reported over the weekend that Bud Light desperately tried to fix the mess it had created by using bad ads and giving away free beer. Ben & Jerry’s should reconsider their tactics, as none of them are working.

Ben & Jerry’s also exhibits hypocrisy in this situation. Ben & Jerry’s is also hypocritical in this case.