Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Progressive’s Gender Ideology Agenda


It is similar to ordering a steak at a vegan restaurant and finding a poll that favors Democrats and progressives. Progressives are not in touch with regular, everyday folks. Nevertheless, they still don’t get it.

The Department of Education is expanding the definition of “sex” to include gender identity, according to President Joe Biden. This is part of the White House’s push to codify gender ideology within federal order. The White House would like public schools to address these issues in a way that is progressive. The Washington Examiner reported:

Obama’s administration began the process by changing the legal definition of “sex” so that it includes gender identity and “an individual’s inner senses of gender”. It is the Biden administration’s plan to restore it. All schools that receive federal funding won’t have a choice but to accept students who are gender-confused in their locker rooms, bathrooms, and sports teams.

Schools that have been banned from teaching gender ideology must take action. They will create sex-based spaces for students and enforce federally mandated policies to favor their gender identity over their biological sexuality.

YouGov, an advocacy organization for education, has conducted a new survey that found that most Americans don’t want the administration to change its plan.

A poll showed that 71% opposed to biological men being allowed in women’s sports. Only 29% supported this idea.

The majority of participants supported the requirement of parental consent before schools could offer student counseling for gender dysphoria. 39% of participants believed parental consent should not be rescinded.

Another 69% felt that parents should be able to opt out of their children’s sex education classes. Only 31% believed that parents shouldn’t have any control over this matter.

The survey comes as the Biden administration is using ham-fisted tactics to compel public schools to inculcate their students with progressive gender ideology. According to recent reports, the White House is being accused of a plan to withhold funding for school lunches from districts that do not push leftist ideas on gender identity in K-12 classrooms. Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for Schools, told Fox News, “what you’re seeing here is really the Biden administration saying ‘you’re going to do what I want or I’m going to take your lunch money.’”

He stated, “For the federal governments [to] really link school nutrition and school meals programs to this radical ideology, it’s terrifying and it is appalling. ”

This raises the question: Are progressive thinkers really out of touch? Do they want to prove they can succeed despite our opinions? If so, we can’t imagine them backing down.