Ana Navarro Asks Fellow ‘View’ Panel Members


Ana Navarro, co-host of The View, criticized Democrats Monday for criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris in the midst of the VP’s fallout with Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

According to CNN, Harris is not expected to return Warren’s calls. This comes after Warren said in January on a Boston radio station that she wouldn’t support Harris for the VP slot in 2024. The outlet reported that Warren called twice to apologize, but did not receive a response from Harris.

Monday’s statement by Navarro was “I don’t know what’s wrong with Democrats.” “Listen, guys, this is the bottom line. Joe Biden will be your nominee. Stop talking about his age. Kamala Harris will be your vice-president. Stop worrying, stop griping and get behind your ticket. The alternative is either [former President] Donald Trump, or [Republican Florida Governor]. Ron DeSantis. You can tell me which you prefer.

Then, she praised Harris for not responding. Harris should also refuse to fundraise for Democrats who criticize her publicly.

“You know what they are doing?” Navarro said. They’re playing right into Fox News’ hands. Fox News is relentlessly after Kamala Harris every day, trying to paint her as an inept fool. She’s not! She’s not like that! So Democrats need to stand up for Kamala. They have to stop making excuses for people who can’t stand the fact that Kamala is the first female, first woman of color vice-president and don’t want her succeed. Her husband, by the way is also great.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, co-host, said Harris has failed to address the root causes of the U.S.–Mexico border crisis in her time as vice president.

Griffin stated that Griffin was tasked with overseeing the border crisis and felt like the Biden West Wing wasn’t setting her up for success by giving things she can champion.

Sunny Hostin, Sunny’s co-host, said that Americans only criticize Harris because Harris is “a black female” and claimed that black women “saved the country’s democracy over centuries.”

Griffin countered, challenging Hostin to name specific areas where Harris has been successful as vice president.

Hostin asked, “Where shall we start?” “She was in Senate, of course. She was also attorney general. She was vice president. The Inflation Reduction Act. Roe v. Wade was portrayed by her. The list could go on. I would like to know what Mike Pence did. What did Pence do other than put his lips on Donald Trump’s butt and fight a subpoena for testimony against Trump?