Analysts Believe, Overturning Roe May Not Save Democrats in Midterms


​Oh, hell. Orange Man Bad did exactly what Republicans promised and created a judiciary that could accomplish all the things Republicans had hoped for. Wimpy Republicans are so used to losing that they fear taking a win. Roe v. Wade is being repealed, which was perhaps the most incorrectly decided SCOTUS decision of the century. How will the victorious party respond? They worry that they have made the Leftist base mad and they will vote against them.

It turns out, that not all Democrat strategists feel as optimistic about their prospects as Republicans think.

Politico interviewed several political professionals who believe the Dobbs decision won’t have the impact necessary to save the beleaguered Democrats during the 2022 bloodbath Midterms. Julie Roginsky is a Democrat strategist, who used to work for EMILY’S List, a pro-abortion group.

Roginsky says that midterm voters are concerned about affordability above all else. They aren’t worried about abortion access every day. “My fear is that Democrats sometimes run on issues that we wish voters would care about rather than the things they actually care about,” Roginsky said.

Roginsky said, “Is it something they lose sleep over every other night?”  “No”. “I can’t afford college tuition for my child, it’s too expensive.”… Anyone who votes solely on [Roe] is a committed voter who will still be voting in the midterms.

It’s also true that most Americans will say Roe v. Wade should be upheld if they are asked. However, when compared to the other terrible policies Democrats have implemented since the election of Biden, Roe v. Wade is not a high-ranking factor in motivating voters.

Moreover, Democrats are not getting the timing right. Some Democrat strategists believe that the Dobbs decision will be forgotten by November. I was correct. Politico reports that Democrats were bullish about Roe’s political consequences and feared that a June publication of the decision would be too late to aid them in November. With six months to go before the elections, the disclosure made the Democratic outrage more urgent in the calendar.

Leftists keep citing polls showing that most Americans support Roe and don’t want it to be overturned. What these Americans actually support is that women have access to abortion. And women will continue to have this right. In many states, abortion will still be legal to a certain degree.

Politico points out that Democrats who want to profit from Roe’s demise have a problem. They are concentrated in heavily Democratic states, where abortion is legal — and where Democrats are already working to pass more strict protections.

If all states ban abortions completely, then that’s where those who support it live. They’ll be fine.

The Left ignores another fact that polls consistently show: Most Americans want abortion to be limited to the first trimester, and not allowed later in extreme circumstances. These terms will be more common once Roe is repealed.

It would be amazing if Americans felt happier about the state of abortion after Roe was lifted.

It’s reasonable to assume that abortion will be available to a greater or lesser degree depending on regional preferences by November. Voters may then wonder about all of this. Voters may also recall (and possibly still be annoyed by) the bizarre and completely insane political antics of women who, let’s face it – have very low chances of ever getting pregnant. This is not the side to which voters will be driven by the constant influx of illegal aliens, nation-bankrupting, inflation, and looming nuclear war.