Another HUGE Bombshell in Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit


In a court filing last week, Katie Hobbs (D. Arizona) requested that Kari Lake’s lawsuit for election be dismissed. Hobbs claimed that Lake had failed to prove that Arizona voters were not disenfranchised in the 2022 elections.

The filing states that Lake, despite seven witnesses, hundreds upon declarants, and thousands upon pages of exhibits, failed to show any violations of Arizona law.

However, Lake’s team stated Monday that additional evidence was on its way and could prove to be pivotal.

“Yesterday @katiehobbs applied to have our lawsuit thrown out,” Kari Lake Warroom’s account tweeted. Today, records showed that nearly 25 million ballots were invalidated in Maricopa County on Election Day. This was in a race with just 17K votes. She knows she is illegitimate. We will have more evidence.”

Vice Chair Shelby Busch, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC), presented the new information to Arizona Senate Elections Committee.

“We received the system log files of the tabulators used in Maricopa County Election Day just weeks ago, January 2023,” Busch explained. Busch explained that we were able, through an analysis to find out that 25% of the ballot feeds [were] misread[ by those tabulators.” “There are about two tabulators at every polling center, which means that there were 446 tabulators who failed to register 25% of the attempted voters.”

This is not the only shocking discovery. Lake’s team claims that up to 40,000 ballots were illegally tallied because signatures weren’t matching.

In the show trial that took place in December, Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer testified that individual polling places did not tally the number of votes cast, which was a violation of state law. The failure to tally the votes cast at polling places is highly suspicious in light of the fact that, in the days after Election Day, the number of votes the county reported having counted mysteriously increased by nearly 25,000, a number greater than Hobbs’ alleged 17,000-vote victory. Lake’s team also discovered that a significant percentage of ballots in Maricopa County were printed on the wrong-sized paper, making them unreadable by the ballot tabulators.