Anthony Fauci Just Got A Plum New Job


The school newspaper of Georgetown University announced that Dr. Anthony Fauci, former senior medical adviser at the White House, will be a professor there.

The Hoya reported that Fauci would begin his new role on July 1, as a “Distinguished Professor”. He will also hold a position at the McCourt school of public policy.

Fauci announced that he would step down in December 2022 from his various government roles, including his role as White House Medical Advisor and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He said he wanted to “pursue [his] next chapter of career” and attended his last press conference on November 22.

He was the NIAID Director for 38 years beginning under former President Ronald Reagan. He served as a medical advisor at the height of COVID-19, starting under the former administration of Donald Trump.

Fauci was a controversial figure after making false claims regarding the National Institute of Health (NIH)’s role in funding gain of function research in Wuhan in China that experimented on coronaviruses. Rand Paul, a Republican Kentucky Senator and Chip Roy, a Republican Texas Representative introduced legislation to eliminate the NIAID in March relating to the pandemic.

Paul asked Fauci to resign in front of him during a Senate Hearing in November 2021 because he refused to admit that his agency had funded gain-of function research.