Anthony Fauci Mystified Booster Rates Are Lagging


    Dr. Anthony Fauci is puzzled by the low booster shot rate in the United States. He told reporters Wednesday that he doesn’t know how to explain it.

    “With respect to data — Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky – what’s your take on why booster rates seem to be lagging?” Jeff Mason, Reuters asked Wednesday during Wednesday’s press conference at the White House COVID-19 response team. “Why should people who have opted to be vaccinated in the first and second doses not receive boosters?”

    Before Fauci could ask, Jeff Zients, White House coronavirus response Coordinator, said that only half of eligible Americans had received a booster shot.

    Jeff, I don’t think you are asking the right question. “It’s the almost psychological or sociological question,” Jeff said before he asked individuals who made the decision to skip the booster shot.

    He asked, “Why would people with enough knowledge of the risks go ahead and get primary series — why don’t we have more boosters?” “I don’t know the easy explanation.”

    “That’s why we keep trying. Because Dr. Walensky demonstrated in her slide, it is absolutely obvious why boosters are so important,” he stated before trying to sell boosters again.

    Before you can get boosted, you must first get vaccinated. You need to be vaccinated first.

    He said, “So, we can only do one thing: to continue to release the data and make sure that the American public understands why it’s so important for optimal protection to get boosted.”

    As they originally pitched vaccines to Americans, the federal health officials failed to fulfill their promises. However, this did not happen as many states and municipalities reintroduced mask requirements when cases rose, even for fully vaccinated people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), advises that fully vaccinated people wear masks when they travel to areas where there is “substantial or very high transmission”.