AP Advises Journalists To Quit Using Highly Politicized Terms Like Assault Weapon


Wednesday’s update by the Associated Press was announced by the company. It advised journalists to stop using terms like “assault rifle” and “assault weapon”.

The update was tweeted by the Associated Press. It stated that a semi-automatic rifle is a rifle that fires one shot each time the trigger is pulled and then automatically reloads for a second shot. An automatic rifle fires round continuously until it exhausts its ammunition and the trigger is released.

The update continues: “Avoid assault weapon and assault rifle, which are highly-politized terms that generally refer AR- or AK style rifles designed to be sold on the civilian market but have very little information about the weapon’s actual function.”

Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation, said that it was time for the media to realize that the terms assault rifle’ or assault weapon are inflammatory and meaningless.