Arizona Border Sector Faces Resurgence: 2K Migrants Daily


Last week, the spike in migrants entering the Tucson Sector was back. The daily number of apprehensions returned to levels reached during the record-breaking month of December. Tucson Sector agents arrested nearly 14,000 migrants in the past week.

John Modlin, the Tucson Sector Chief Patrol agent, posted a weekly report on X that showed a significant increase in migrants apprehended. Modlin said that his agents had encountered 13,800 migrants during the week prior.

In a chart included in the report, the figures for the last seven days of January have jumped to levels that were seen in December. Tucson Sector agents had broken a record dating back to Clinton’s administration.

Tucson Sector remains the busiest Border Patrol Station with an apprehension rate of approximately 80,000 migrants (2,580 migrants per day) in December. According to U.S. Border Patrol Encounter reports, the previous record for migrant arrests in Tucson Sector was in March 2000, when agents met 76,245 immigrants. This December’s report, which included approximately 80,000 migrants, beats the previous record by almost five percent.

According to the unofficial Border Patrol reports that were reviewed, apprehensions for January in Tucson Sector dropped to around 51,000 migrants (1.645) per day. The chart shows that the decrease was only temporary, because last week, apprehensions increased to over 1,900 migrants per day.

The majority of migrants who illegally cross the border between the ports of entry in the Tucson Sector do not surrender to the first Border Patrol agent they see. Modlin stated above that many of the groups of migrants don camouflage to try and sneak into the country.