Arizona Democrats Send out Attack on Kari Lake That Ends up Making Her Sound Awesome


Every day, we open our mailbox to find it clogged with political mailer offers. In a matter of minutes, they end up in our kitchen garbage can. Although the dubious influence these glossy inserts have is unknown, most people ignore them and send them on their way. However, one sent to Arizona in support of the Governor’s Race deserves our attention.

It is in all aspects a standard oppo research piece from the Arizona Democratic Party. The piece does not promote Katie Hobbs as a candidate, but instead lists reasons why the Dems believe Kari Lake to be an extremist. The Dems give three bullet points that outline the positions Lake allegedly took on the campaign trail. These make Lake sound like an excellent choice. The second policy is the one I’m going to start with.

Is a plan to take away Medicare benefits and Social Security benefits for people who have paid into it throughout their careers.

You have to wonder at first glance how a governor in a state could “take away” federal programs. You can only do this by engaging in hyper-partisan wish-casting. The Dems base this claim on a hilarious column by E.J. from The Arizona Republic. Montini uses comments from Lake as a way to interpret them and then takes that information to an absurd level of analysis. Following the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago Lake, Montini was quoted saying that “We must fire government,” and then he invoked the 10th Amendment declaring that powers not granted to the Feds revert to the states.

This was taken by the paper to mean that she wanted Arizona to be expelled from the union. The paper then examined all the consequences if this happened. This segment is the final straw in the hyperventilating piece. Lake suggested that Arizona separate from the union. (We will have to pretend that such an event is possible for a second. “Essentially” is doing a lot of lifting for this fable. They took her words and made them up, creating a nightmare fantasy for Arizona, while also insinuating Lake was the crazy one.

Arizona Democrats consider this bat-crap-lunatic article proof Lake has the plan to abolish Social Security. The third bullet point extends this C-list direct-to-DVD film script scenario. Here is more information about Lake’s nonexistent independent state economic plan.

Her plan would make it impossible for anyone to run our borders or operate our airports. Arizonans would see massive tax increases and would lose their military bases, courthouses, prisons, and other facilities.

It almost sounds like an experiment in fun thinking. The border is not currently being secured. This is in addition to all that was never proposed. Arizona has tried to secure its border but was stopped by the Biden administration. Let’s now look at Kari Lake’s first and most promising proposal.

Allowing anyone to possess rocket launchers without restriction – putting safety in danger for our communities.

This is a great plan if the State of Arizona wants to attract more people to its region. The U-Haul truck shortage could be next if Arizona allowed unlimited rocket launcher ownership!

The AZ Dems cite a fact-check done on an attack ad that supports this claim – along with some unnoticed uncomfortable details. These are the details that Democrats must avoid in order not to resort to the scare tactic of Arizona becoming overrun by citizens carrying shoulder-mounted ordnances into grocery stores.

Lake’s campaign reaffirmed her support for the Second Amendment and rocket launchers in an email. The campaign stated that Katie Hobbs should learn more about Arizona gun rights before she attempts to go after Kari. Rocket launchers in the United States are legal and are regulated by the National Firearms Act. Although Arizona doesn’t seem to have any restrictions on rocket launchers it does ban rockets and explosives. 12News reached out to the Lake campaign for clarification.

According to the Arizona Democratic Party, Kari Lake would like to fire the Feds and have Arizona withdraw from the United States. She also wants to distribute rocket launchers among the citizens.

Although I am certain that the AZ Dems considered this a winning mailing, it is possible that Kari Lake would have endorsed the ad if the graphics were changed to red with a GOP logo, an elephant, and the copyleft in place.