Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb Claims He Was Uninvited to MADD Event Due to Political Beliefs


Mark Lamb, Pinal County Sheriff in Arizona, claimed that he had been asked to speak at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving event (MADD) this summer but was uninvited Friday due to his conservative political views.

Lamb stated in a video posted on Twitter under his “Mark Lamb For U.S. Senate ” handle that he was “pretty disappointed” by the call he received yesterday. For those who do not know, our 22-year-old son, our 11-month-old grandchild, and our soon-to-be daughter-in-law were tragically killed in a car accident last December.

The suspect who hit them was charged with DUI.

Lamb and his wife Janel were therefore “honored”, he said when they were invited to be keynote speakers at a MADD event held in Phoenix, Arizona, last July.

Janel said that they would have made a perfect fit for the event, because “We are in law enforcement as well as having lost our children to drunk driving accidents.”

Sheriff Lamb said, “We had been looking forward to this event, so imagine our shock and disappointment yesterday when we received a phone call denying us the opportunity to be keynote speakers.”

He claimed that it was due to his politics.

“The things I stand for offended some people. People who don’t even know me and who only listen to the media have complained to MADD at the national level.”

Lamb said he also found it “disturbing” to find out that MADD said it “supports fair and equitable traffic safety enforcement. MADD recognizes that we must do better to address inequities in traffic stops.”

The Senate candidate disagreed with this assertion.

“I say this is wrong on behalf of all the men and women who wear this badge and do their job every day.” He said that they do a good job and deserve to have their rights defended.

“However, I accept their refusal to invite me to be one of their keynote speakers. I hope that we can send a strong message to these companies and organizations, including great ones like MADD that have taken this woke path. We have to make it clear that we will not tolerate such behavior,” he added.

He said that he would never have brought politics into the matter, but others did. Since politics will play a role in this case, he wants to end what he calls “woke insanity”, with his Senate campaign.

MADD’s spokesperson said, “Our goal is to end impaired driving forever.” We are deeply saddened by the loss of Sheriff Lamb, Janel Lamb, and their families. They are a constant reminder of the tens of thousands of victims MADD has served from all walks of life and communities.

“We’ve reached out to Sheriff Lamb and are waiting for a reply to express our desire to continue working with him.” Sheriff Lamb, and the entire police community who are dedicated to keeping our roads free of drunken and drugged drivers, deserve our gratitude.

MADD is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1980.