Army in Panic Mode, Asking People Booted Over Vaccine to Return


We’ve covered the new series of ads from the U.S. Army looking to try to get more people to join up.

Suddenly, they’re not showing ads about people having two moms or catering to the woke. Instead, they’re showing what I would call a classic military “Be all you can be” ad, emphasizing jumping out of a plane and achievement, rather than what people’s sexuality might be.

My colleague previously wrote:

By 2022, Army recruitment had plummeted. They tried to recruit by virtue signaling, but very few people signed up. Not just the middle-class males they wanted to siphon off, but also the ones who were already in the pool.

Others wondered if it was a sign of the military-industrial complex trying to ramp things up again. The Biden administration seems to want to get us involved in more wars. They’re desperate to encourage more people to join.

They’re now even acknowledging implicitly — at least to some extent — that they were wrong to kick people out because they refused to take the COVID-19 vaccination. Social media is spreading a letter they are sending to people.

Task and Purpose confirmed to the Army that this letter is genuine.

According to a letter from Brig. Gen. Hope Rampy is the Army Director of Personnel Management.

The Army also advises returning soldiers to contact a recruiter in the Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard. A spokesperson for the Army was unsure if returning soldiers would be assigned to their previous unit or MOS.

Part of it is the removal of the requirement. The other part of it is their desperation. Task and Purpose reports that the Army has missed its recruitment targets by approximately 15,000 people. It must be difficult to find new employees who are able to write such letters without errors since they made an error in the spelling “Military”.

The school ejected 1,903 students for not receiving the vaccination and has now sent 1,900 letters in an attempt to bring them back. Even if all of those people were returned, the goal would still be well below what they had set. Why should those who were separated believe that this will not happen again? This is an admission of political decision.

Rep. Ben Cline, R-VA, called for their reinstatement at rank with back pay.

But while the Defense Department had suggested people who were separated might get back pay, they walked it back in January. So, I’m not sure how many people would go back at this point.