Army Private Sent Sensitive Military Info to White Supremacist Group to Facilitate Jihad Attack


According to the regime’s propaganda, Joe. Biden, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland, and others is that “white supremacists” are the greatest terrorist threat the nation faces. This scenario has one problem. It does not have many white supremacist terrorist attacks. Instead, it has been strengthened by calling parents terrorists for their anger about drag queen story time at elementary schools. The reality is often more complicated than the story. A recent example illustrates.

According to the Justice Department, Ethan Phelan Melzer (a U.S. Army private) pleaded guilty to trying to murder U.S. Service personnel, providing and attempting to material support terrorists, and illegally transmitting National Defence Information.

They did not admire Bin Laden but wanted to be like him. They also attempt to find like-minded individuals and subvert these groups from within.

Melzer joined the Army to carry out this attack. Melzer “subscribed” also to encrypted online forums where he downloaded and accessed videos from jihadist attacks on U.S. troops, facilities, and civilian executions.

Melzer was assigned to another unit in May 2020 and received classified briefings. Melzer also began sharing this information with O9A, and “a subgroup” of O9A known as the ‘RapeWaffen Division”. These briefings provided information about Melzer’s planned deployment. Which included troop movements, locations, and armaments, as well as topography. It was also a “jihadi attack” that would lead to the deaths of many U.S. personnel.

Melzer was conscious of the gravity and informed O9A members that it was clear to him what he was doing. Melzer stated that he would have been killed to finish his attack, but that he would have survived “because there would be a 10-year war in the Middle East.”

Although the DOJ had its white supremacist terror, he wasn’t connected to pro-Trump conservatives. He was working hand-in-hand with jihad terrorists. This is yet another lie from the media and political elites. They won’t take notice or change their ways.