Author Warns of Over-treating Children with Therapy, Creating a Generation of Fearful, Helpless Kids


Abigail Shrier and Brian Kilmeade discuss the new book, ‘Bad Therapy – Why Kids Aren’t Getting Older’

The author warns that mental health experts are the “arsonists” of the new generation

Abigail Shrier, the author of the book “The Mental Health Crisis in the Rising Generation”, joined the Brian Kilmeade show to discuss the role that ‘experts” play in the mental health crisis facing the younger generation. She also discussed what can be accomplished to reverse the trend.

A writer warns parents to not rely too heavily on therapy. He argues that this dependence creates a generation of helpless kids and is counterproductive in improving their mental health.

Abigail Shrier discussed the dangers of over-treating children and the impact it has on them.

Shrier said to Brian Kilmeade that “nobody has received more therapy than this rising generation”.

“Nobody’s taken more psych drugs.” “No one has talked more about feelings. No one has received more therapeutic parenting, therapeutic intervention in schools, social-emotional education, and what do you know? This is not helping them. It’s counterproductive. “It’s making them even worse.”

She stated that the number of individuals suffering from mental disorders and other struggles has not decreased despite increased access to therapy.

It’s for this reason that Shrier believes mental health professionals aren’t helping to solve the mental illness crisis among America’s young people, despite their good intentions.

A rise in mental health issues among teenagers is causing growing concern.

“The mental experts claim, ‘Oh we’re only firemen.’ We are just responding to a fire. “Not true,” Shrier replied.

They’re arsonists and this is why. For a generation, we’ve been promoting mental health, teaching these children therapeutic methods, mindfulness, and wellness.

“Nobody has received more mental health interventions. Nobody has received more diagnoses. 42% have mental health diagnoses. Do you know what they’ve been doing for the past generation? Parents are relying on mental health professionals to raise their children because they’re self-centered, feel-focused, and unable to focus on anything else. “It’s not helpful,” she continued.

Shrier concluded that kids who receive the most unnecessary mental healthcare are less likely than other children to be willing to take risks because they lack the independence of others. Kilmeade asked Kilmeade what mental health resources are robbing kids of.

“Efficacy. “Efficacy” is the feeling that I can do it. I can do it. Shrier replied, “I can take a chance.” They’re afraid of trauma. They believe they cannot. They believe they have been bullied. They believe they have been traumatized. They think that they’ll be traumatized if they are dumped.

The oversaturation has led to children suffering from everything from “menu-anxiety” to “PTSD”.

Abigail Shrier is the author of “Irreversible Damage: The transgender craze seducing our daughters.”

She stressed that children should be taught to take risks and to learn responsibility. This can be done by empowering them with things like chores or allowing them to make their own decisions.

Shrier stated, “We let these children become so anxious and frantic. Then we brought in these mental health specialists… as a solution. “They are not the solution.” “They are the ones who create the problem.”

Shrier stressed that in certain cases, therapy and psychiatric medications are necessary for children but warned parents of the risks.

“What I would like parents to understand is that therapy and psychiatric medications are not always appropriate. “Every medical intervention and every drug, including Tylenol, comes with risks. And therapy is no exception,” she concluded.