Baltimore Orioles And Pittsburgh Pirates Continue To Play Game After Umpires Walk Off The Field


This is baseball.

The Pirates won 7-4 after Josh Lester, Baltimore Orioles’ pitcher grounded out in the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game. As usual, the umpires left the field and the spring training contest was officially over.

After a brief conversation between Derek Shelton (Pirates), and Brandon Hyde, (Orioles), both Baltimore and Pittsburgh decided to continue the game. Baltimore wanted Ofreidy Gomez to pitch, but Hyde stated that the umpiring crew was not interested in prolonging the game. Hyde also said that Hyde and Shelton simply agreed to call it as they were.

The teams had a catcher who called the strikes and balls, just like we did as children. That catcher was Maverick Hardley, a non-roster invitee, who has never played higher than Double-A baseball.

This is a great baseball move. It’s a great move, and I love it.