Barack Obama Decided to Condemn Attack on Israel Days Later


After Hamas launched an attack on Israel, which left hundreds dead and thousands injured, as well as many people kidnapped and abducted, world leaders and politicians condemned the attack, including former presidents Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and others.

Barack Obama was surprisingly absent from the list of past presidents who had something to say. Obama’s silence was not surprising, given that his tenure as president in the White House had been notorious for being pro-Iran and anti-Israel. There was no surprise that his silence was met with criticism.

Obama’s PR team realized that a silent approach wasn’t working, so he released a statement on Monday night, nearly three days after the attack launched.

All Americans should be outraged and horrified by the brutal terrorist attacks against Israel and the killing of innocent civilians. “We grieve those who have died, pray for their safe return, and stand with our ally Israel as it demolishes Hamas,” Obama wrote in a tweet just after 5 p.m. Eastern Time. As we support Israel’s rights to defend itself from terror, we need to keep working for a just peace that benefits both Israelis and Palestinians.

Obama’s statement is long overdue, but it comes as no surprise. Obama claimed that he had Israel’s best interests at heart during his tenure as president, but then stabbed our ally in the back. This statement is meant to make it appear that Israel is being supported and Hamas criticized. The last part about peace for Israelis, Palestinians, and the world sounds like a dog whistle to blame Israel for the war.

Obama’s attitude towards Israel and the Jewish community was already a concern before he took office. This was due to his two-decade membership in the congregation of notorious antisemite Jeremiah Wright. He appointed people who held controversial views about Israel into his administration, and he departed from the long-standing U.S. policies towards Israel. He revealed Israel’s most secret nuclear program and refused to veto a U.N. anti-Israel resolution.

Obama’s relationship with Israel is certainly the reason for his three-day silent period after the first attack. This also makes me doubt that he is genuinely supporting Israel in this case.