BBC Radio Issues Apology Over Not Defending JK Rowling from Transphobic Accusation


BBC Radio is the most prominent platform where transgender activists are facing resistance from J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author.

Fox News reports that Stacy Henley, editor-in-chief of “The Gamer”, was speaking on BBC radio about “Hogwarts Legacy,” the smash hit videogame. This game became a cultural beachhead after trans activists and their allies tried to prevent people from playing it. They even mobbed and shamed streamers who were trying to play it live.

Henly stated she wouldn’t be covering the game because it gives Rowling more exposure to her transphobia.

She stated that the reason we aren’t supporting the game is that Harry Potter and the world Harry Potter creates are entirely related to J.K. Rowling. However, she has a platform she uses for transphobia, which she uses to promote this campaign against trans people in Britain.

She added that “Supporting the game continues to give J.K. Rowling a place in which she can hurt people,”

Evan Davies, the host of the program, replied tepidly, “Obviously, J.K. Rowling…wouldn’t say that she’s transphobic”, but did not respond to the claim.

For Women Scotland, a women’s rights group was angered by this and complained to the BBC that it had failed to defend Rowling and allowed a false narrative to thrive. The BBC issued an apology, stating that it had failed to do its duty and reacted.

A spokesperson for BBC said that “This is a contentious and difficult area, which we try very hard to cover fairly.” “We regret that we didn’t challenge the claims in a more direct manner and apologize for not doing so.

For Women Scotland stated that they were happy with the apology, but that the BBC should be ready for such comments to come up on future programs.

We also believe that Evan Davies, the producers, must have known that such an event might occur and should have prepared. We find it unacceptable that defamatory remarks were broadcast unchecked. We trust that PM will soon feature a similar length to correct the record.

Rowling is often portrayed as a transphobic TERF (trans-exclusionary radical female) who believes that everything and everyone she has to do with must be ignored.

Rowling, as with many other things that the woke mob is savagely attacking, is not hateful or bigoted toward transgender people. She is guilty of not accepting the transgender notion that men and women can be interchangeable.

This is repeatedly proven by Huffington Post writers who set out to write a hit article on Rowling’s transphobia and found that Rowling had not said anything hateful. She claimed that Rowling was lying to her and that they were “burning the wrong witch”.