Ben Affleck Slams Matt Damon For Being A Terrible Roommate


Ben Affleck claimed that Matt Damon, his friend and colleague, is a bad roommate during his appearance Thursday on “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

Affleck and Damon were discussing their friendship when they discussed Affleck’s new film “Air”, in which both stars.

“Matt is a gorgeous guy. I love him.” Affleck called him his best friend. “I wouldn’t suggest living with him, because he has a special ability. Have you ever met someone who can block out things? I think that is why he is such a good actor. “He can focus,” he stated on the show. He said that he does not believe that you have to wash or throw away something when you are done with it.

Affleck said that when he, his brother Casey, and Damon lived together, they tried to teach him a lesson. But it didn’t turn out the way Affleck expected.

After cleaning up after him for years, “you know what?” Affleck told reporters, “We’re going to go on a sitting strike.”

“Two whole weeks without touching my apartment. Came home one day. Matt is there in his shorts,” Corden told him.

He remembered the day that he returned home to find Damon playing a Sega hockey 1992 game “in what used to be the living room, just surrounded by circles of garbage.”

Affleck stated, “I saw maggots on this sushi that was a week-and-a half old.”

“We were like, ‘we submitted. You’re too good. “We cannot beat you,” he replied.

Affleck said, “God bless Lucy, you’ll have a place in heaven.”