Ben carson breaks silence on impeachment,drop nuke on immature democrats


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Prof.Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, hammered the Democrats and their quest to impeach and remove President Donald Trump from office as “very immature.”

The celebrated Doctor,Ben Carson, in an interview that just aired on CBS News, said the decision to go through with the divisive measure was not well thought out.

He voiced such concerns in a conversation of encouragement with the president.

He relayed that he had warned Trump against “giving up” and voiced disdain for the impeachment effort as “very immature.”

A “CBS This Morning” host claim he found the description “remarkable” because “both Republicans and Democrats would perhaps use the word ‘consequential.’”

we’re pretty good with Dr. Carson’s terminology.

This is definitely an immature effort by a party driven by immature extremists, as we see it.

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  1. There we go finally an intelligent man giving us a synopsis of what’s going on why do people want to listen to mr. Carson it reminds me a lot of a spoiled sports player and spoiling the rest of the team we’re on a winning streak why in the hell would anybody want to remove the coach that’s taking us down the right path I tell you what worked long time and law enforcement at a high level and watched a lot of despicable things and these things have carried on and finally a man to call all these POS has for what they are it’s time that all of us as citizens as the players say enough is enough and back the coach and let’s keep winning we did that we’d all be a bunch better off and then we also need to stop these people that have stolen our tax dollars by committing fraud and put them where they belong and stop this craziness

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