Biden Administration Engages In Diplomatic Outreach With Iran While No One Is Looking


While pursuing legal actions against an opponent and trying to claim credit for a meager inflation report and continuing to confuse the public, Joe Biden’s team continues to flirt with enemies and ignore allies.

A report in today’s Wall Street Journal states that the White House tries to “cool down” tensions between the United States and Iran, as the state-backed terror group seeks to get billions of dollars frozen abroad released. The Biden administration seems willing to try and pay Iran off.

Officials from the United States and Iraq said that Washington approved the payment of 2,5 billion euros ($2,7 billion) by the Iraqi Government for Iranian gas and electricity imports. U.S. sanctions had frozen the money.

Officials from the United States described the transfer as routine, and not related to the discussions. In the past, similar funds were released. However, this time they were in Euros and not local currency.

The people reported that after discussions between senior U.S. officials and Iranian officials began in New York, in December, White House representatives have visited Oman at least 3 times to continue indirect contact. Omani officials relay messages between the two parties.

The WSJ notes that Biden entered office vowing to get the U.S. into a nuclear agreement with Iran – a deal from which former President Donald Trump had pulled out. Republicans and Democrats both heavily criticized the deal.

It is odd, to say the least, that the Biden Administration would want to renegotiate this deal when he admitted that it was dead at the end of 2022.

Biden: the outcome is dead

In a video I obtained, Biden says clearly that he won’t return to #brjm, but for the moment, the US government has not announced this.

This video shows the sidelines at the November 4, California election.

With Farsi subtitles and English subtitles

The attempt to cool down relations with Iran is occurring at the same time that the Iranian regime has been sending drones and weapons to Russia which is currently in war with Ukraine. U.S. officials have been upset by Iran’s actions, as the U.S. is sending money and arms to Ukraine. It would appear, once again, that the U.S.’s strategy is to… bribe Iran to like us?

Iran is known for its constant calls to destroy the United States, calling us the “Great Satan” and funding terror groups hostile to our interests.

Fairness dictates that it is not just a simple bribe. The U.S. wants political prisoners released as well. There is a price.

Tehran wants to exchange the release of prisoners and limits on nuclear activities for billions in Iranian energy revenues that are trapped overseas by U.S. Sanctions. Iranian officials have tied the release of possible prisoners to gaining access to $7 billion of Iranian funds in South Korea, and demanded that billions in Iraq be released for gas and oil deliveries.

Former South Korean government officials who are familiar with the issue said that discussions continue with Iran and the U.S. regarding the release of this money for humanitarian purposes.

The U.S. ignores our real allies, like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other countries in the Middle East, who see Iran as an unsettling geopolitical force in the area. Instead, they look to Russia and China. While we are trying to flirt with and kiss a regime who hates us, and wants us destroyed, we are losing ground in the region.

It makes perfect sense.