Biden Administration in Crisis: The Lights Are on, but Nobody’s Home


He’s worsening. Who keeps this old man in the spotlight? Why do the Democrats continue to put their hopes in this man? It is getting harder and harder to believe that he can make any meaningful decisions. It’s embarrassing, but Democrats aren’t without their reasons to feel embarrassed.

In this video, you can see that the president, who is the leader of the U.S. and the man with the thumb on the nuke button, is not thinking clearly. There’s no one home, even though the lights are on. He’s gone. He has checked out. He has rung the curtain. No jam on the toast. Old Joe stares blankly at the person who is talking to him.

A post on the RNC Research X page, dated February 10, shows five minutes of the President’s mumbles. Things are worsening almost three months after the initial post.

Oh, the President can still — at times — read from the teleprompter and issue thinly veiled threats to our friends.

Some national Democrats (finally!) Some national Democrats are (finally!) Jill Biden is likely to be a big part of this, as she enjoys playing Edith Wilson in contrast with Joe’s Woodrow. She is probably also enjoying the mountains of cash that the Bidens are raking up from their overseas dealings.

There’s a limited amount of time left to put a new ballot on the ballot. Joe’s dance partner for 2020 won’t have the ability to carry the ball. Her approval ratings are as low as the Barents Abyssal Plain. She has the same personal appeal as psoriasis. And she would lose in a battle with a pet stone.

Joe is in a bind. The Trump campaign will be pushing for either a debate with the president or more likely a series. Joe has messed up by saying he is ready for the challenge. He’s not. He cannot debate in his present condition. It’s too late for Democrats to replace him unless his health forces him to retire before the elections and he allows an even less appealing vice president to fill his shoes.

The GOP has finally begun to arrange their web-footed pigeons linearly.

Biden’s campaign will continue to try to avoid and avoid any debates about the presidency. The Trump campaign will keep pushing, and despite what you may think about Donald Trump, the man is not senile. He is a man without personal message discipline. He’s short-tempered and prickly. He’s not senile. It’s a great thing that we have come to in the United States when a presidential nominee can be seen with an advantage because he is not senile.

We indeed live in an interesting time.