Biden Blunders: Claims Hostage Held by Hamas Was Present at White House


Joe Biden just seems to get worse and worse.

He arrived in New York at almost 2 pm on Monday after returning from Delaware to give remarks about Jewish American Heritage Month.

Let’s begin with the positive. He didn’t talk as much about his connection to the Jewish Community as he normally does when he speaks to an audience. You would usually hear him talk about his time spent in the temple. It was just a brief mention of his career, and how the Jewish people were involved in all civil rights “frights.”

Let’s now look at what I believe was the cause. I believe he stuck mostly to the script because he wasn’t in good shape. I think this is why he cut some of his ad-libs. He was even more incoherent and slurring than usual, and half of the time his left eye appeared to be closed.

He barely made it through the speech, which was only ten minutes long.

He spoke about the people who were there including “Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is responsible for this occurring having sponsored this early on back when she was 12-years-old as a co—,” Biden said.

The “12-year-old” comment, I believe, was meant to be a prank, but it is one of the strange things he does that makes adult women look 12 years old. It’s not a good appearance.

Then he ended his sentence in this way. What was she doing at 12? He never said. The video ends exactly as it does above. This is how bad he was.

He said that there would be a Menorah at the White House, but I believe he meant “Medorah”.

Then it got worse.

It was really bad. He appeared to be completely lost.

He said that the department (department) must investigate discrimination aggressively.

Deborah, Deborah… Are you here? Biden asked.

He was trying to say “Special Envoy Deborah E. Lipstadt to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism, but couldn’t read her name.”

It got worse.

He slurred so badly that he was almost unintelligible at times. He says here that they were with a Hamas hostage who was still in their possession. He corrects himself.

The hostage’s relatives were present and had to listen to the confusion and incoherence of Biden’s words. They also knew that their loved ones’ safety could be in part dependent on his hands.

Biden said his support for Israel was “ironclad”, but it is not ironclad if he continues to throw them under the bus, and stops weapons when they are trying to kill terrorists. The Biden team’s condolences for the death of Iran’s President, FM, and other members of their delegation, an enemy of Israel and the United States is not ironclad. Iran is behind Hamas, which killed and kidnapped Americans. Why would we say anything else than “Hope that your people are soon free” in response?

I noticed that he did not get many claps for his comments. I wondered, then, if the people who were invited to attend and are probably supporters didn’t believe what he said.

Biden ended his remarks about ten minutes later. Then he gave an odd salute and appeared to again shake hands in the air. Then he seemed to leave without speaking with anyone.

How will they get this guy to a debate?