Biden Busted: President Calls Out His Own Tall Tale About His Background


How often has Joe Biden lied about his past?

He has claimed to be so many different things. I’m not sure if I can remember all of them.

He’s always saying things to please the person he is talking to.

If Joe Biden is known for making up stories, you would have been able to recognize that the story of the black church was false by Biden’s reaction when he entered the church. He was completely surprised and amazed.

He only missed synagogue when he was not there.

He may be exaggerating to boost his ego. This problem dates back to at least 1987. After he was exposed, he couldn’t run in the 1988 race.

You are challenging his obsession with being right, no matter the topic. In 1987, he even slammed a person who challenged him by saying his IQ was higher than his. Biden was ashamed back then.

Joe Biden has alleged Puerto Rican connections. I’d like to note that I covered this in 2022 and wrote that he claimed to be “raised political in the Puerto Rican community at home.”

As we have stated before:

Even though he said he had been in Puerto Rico, he didn’t qualify as a Puerto Rican. Even his pandering to the Puerto Rican community was overreaching.

The Third Circuit includes Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Joe is correct, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands do not have the same meaning.

Maze (@mazemoore), a video expert with a knack for finding interesting videos, discovered an intriguing video where Joe Biden debunks the myths about his Puerto Rican background with…Joe Biden himself. This is from Dec. 17, 1987, during the SCOTUS hearings for Anthony Kennedy when Biden was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he was questioning Michael Martinez, the president of the National Hispanic Bar Association at the time. Check out what Biden admits.

He admitted that he only became aware of prejudices towards Hispanic Americans about three years ago. He does not have a great deal of knowledge.

Joe just lied again to Joe. This is similar to how his 1987 self called him out for his nonsense regarding being a civil rights activist.

In 1987, the media held him responsible during his presidential campaign. Now we can see how much things have changed. We know that they won’t hold him accountable for any falsehoods he tells. This is how far everything has progressed since then.