Biden Chief Of Staff Ron Klain Mocked After Sharing Article Saying 2021 Not So Bad


    Ron Klain, President Joe Biden’s chief-of-staff, drew mocking ridicule Monday after he published an op ed column in which he seemed to laugh at the troubles of the past twelve months. It was published under the headline “Let’s face it: 2021 wasn’t all bad.”

    Albert Hunt, former editor at Bloomberg News, wrote the article and it was published online by The Hill. Klein’s retweet was direct to the point.

    Americans responded almost unanimously to the tweet questioning whether it was satire, as the U.S. is facing a surge of coronavirus cases due to the omicron variant.

    Others cited the U.S. chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising gas prices, supply chain problems, and the porous southern frontier as evidence that Klain was far removed form the concerns of people living outside D.C.’s cosseted environs.