Biden Faces Potential Meltdown as Minnesota Poll Numbers Waver


I wrote about the New York Times/Siena Poll on the battleground States a few days ago. Even CNN thought it was a disaster for Joe Biden. The Sun Belt states had a big lead.

Harry Enten, CNN’s Harry Enten, explained that if you looked at the numbers of the election, and based on polls, Donald Trump was in the lead. Biden, however, is stuck up a tree with no paddle, as he only has a small window.

Joe is even in denial and a state of hysteria about the polls. He believes he is ahead.

As with all things Joe Biden-related, it could always be worse.

Enten included Minnesota in his calculations. Biden can walk away and still count on Minnesota. Since 1972, no Republican has won Minnesota for president. Biden won the state by 7.2 percent according to official counts in 2020.

The latest poll in the state shows Biden with only two points ahead — well within the margins of error. And that is after taking into account likely voters as well as other people.

The race is “essentially even” with the Stormy Daniels case.

What a waste of time and money!

Joe Biden, who has degraded himself by flip-flopping on Israel and refusing to arm to appease the Left and improve his chances of winning in states such as Minnesota, is now doing the same. This all seems to have been for nothing. At this point, he and his team must be pulling their hair out.

Douglas Murray mocked this perfectly on Friday’s “Real Time” when Bill Maher was talking about Biden’s strategy in Israel. Murray said that Biden believed in the “two-state” solution — “Minnesota & Michigan”.

Murray claimed that Biden tried to please only a few hundred thousand and would end up disappointing no one. This sounds like a good idea. His vacillating behavior won’t appease the people who are angry over this issue, and I doubt that they will come out in support of him.

Keep an eye on where these numbers are going in Minnesota. If Biden is worried about Minnesota, then you can imagine the trouble he will be in.