Biden Fails to Secure Southern Border and DHS Head Mayorkas Continues to Constantly Lie


It is difficult to imagine a worse or more deliberately created situation at the U.S.-Mexico frontier than that created by Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security chief, and other members of his administration.

Are you wondering why?

Biden’s first days as president stopped the Trump-era wall at the border; ended Trump-era travel bans; established the Family Reunification Task Force, to locate and reunite families that were separated by Trump’s administration. He also reinstated DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — which protects Dreamers from deportation.

It is a fact that Biden could have hosted mariachi bands at the border, as well as pinatas for children, and the crisis would not have been so severe. The serial-lying Mayorkas claims that the southern border isn’t only secure, but DHS also has “operational control.”

There is one problem. The chief turned Mayorkas into an irascible liar when he was asked by Mark Green, Chairman of Homeland Security Committee (Republican from Tenn.), if Raul Ortiz, Chief of Border Patrol in the Department of Homeland Security, has operational control of the entire southern border.

No sir.

Mayorkas could not be reached for comment or (more lies).

According to the Washington Examiner’s report, Ortiz’s written testimony, which was undoubtedly written in part by the Biden White House, blamed the border crisis for “evolving regional and global events.” However, the Examiner says Ortiz spoke personally:

Ortiz stated that Biden’s policies were the “driving force” of the calamity. When asked by Dan Bishop (R.N.C.), if the change from “detaining and remove” to “release” was responsible for the crisis, Ortiz replied, “Law enforcement is pretty simple, sir.” “You must have the capacity and you must have consequences.” “You will see increases if you don’t have any consequences.”

“Some,” indeed — then “some”, wholeheartedly more, to the tune that 5.5 million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border into America since Biden’s inaugural day in office, October 25, 2022. The truth is that despite his protestations (while also blaming Donald Trump’s policies) the truth is.

Joe Biden would not care less. I would bet a dollar that Joe Biden wishes the number were higher.

Remember that Biden, as a candidate for the 2016 presidential election, promised to allow illegal aliens into the United States who had been detained after crossing illegally. He ordered the Border Patrol that this be done on his first day of office. The illegals responded with glee and the surge continued, without any signs of slowing down or stopping.

The Examiner reported further:

The complete failure of [Biden] to enforce immigration laws extends well beyond the border. Former President Barack Obama’s final year in office, Immigration and Customs Enforcement expelled 138,669 convicted illegal criminal immigrants from the U.S. interior. This number was 150,141 in the last year of President Donald Trump’s pre-COVID-19 years.

It fell to 38,000 under Biden last year, and the president’s budget states that he plans to deport only 29,000 of them this year. Given that Biden has allowed record numbers of illegal immigrants to the country, one would expect more people to be convicted of deportable crimes.

Both Mayorkas and Biden should be impeached and convicted and charged with treason.

Of course, neither of these will happen. Nevertheless, our serial-lying President and the head of the Department of Homeland Security continue their relentless efforts to permanently alter the demographic composition of the greatest country on Earth.