Biden Has His I Was Born a Poor Black Child Moment


“I was born poor as a black child.” President Joe Biden’s latest campaign pander is straight out of Steve Martin’s comedy masterpiece. Or at least close enough.

He is a terrible jerk.

Everyone knows that you can’t go Full Steve Martin unless you are Steve Martin.

Steve Martin is not a friend of mine. However, I can tell you that Joe Biden does not represent Steve Martin.

Christina Pushaw is the indispensable Christina Pushaw. We have video evidence that Biden was the whitest man ever to enter the Oval Office. Bush* — Claiming to have attended Delaware State University.

It is one of America’s most proud Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) for those who have never heard of it.

Perhaps you are more compassionate than me and think he misspoke. Even for someone with all of their faculties, it’s not difficult to say “Delaware State University” in error instead of “The University of Delaware”, which Biden attended**.

This is what I thought before I did two other things.

First, I watched the video and not just Pushaw’s summary. I also did some research on the history of riotous claims against HBCUs by Poor Black Children.

Watch the following clip before we move on to the main point:

Biden stated, and I quote exactly, what you heard: “I’m a big fan of HBCUs.” Delaware State University was where I started my career.

This is not a stutter, people. This is not a slip in the tongue. This is what punditry professionals call “a flat-out big-ass, pandering lie.”

Florida Memorial University was another HBCU where Our Poor Black Child spoke. These days, partisanship and youth are more important than common sense and small bits of knowledge.

Biden was not the first to tell flat-out, bigass, blatant lies about attending an HBCCU, as I mentioned above.

Joseph Curl reported, “Biden claimed he ‘got started at the historically-black college during his 2019 primary campaign.”

Biden claimed the claim at the historic Wilson High School in Florence in October 2019. It was founded in 1866 and operated by the Freedmen’s Bureau.

Biden stated that he was a graduate of Delaware State University, an HBCU. He said this to the crowd just before the South Carolina Democratic Primary. “They’re my people.”

Although Biden gave two commencement addresses to Delaware State in 2003 and 2016, it’s not clear how, when, or where he “got started.”

Oddly enough, a DSU spokesperson eventually refuted Biden after he was elected the Democratic standard-bearer for 2020. Biden’s big fat lies in 2019 somehow got transmogrified into Biden saying that he was “taken out of context” when he was nominated against Donald Trump.

“Oddly” here means “The DNC sat upon the DSU administration until it squeaked.”

Our alleged POTUS is lying. It’s a lot. He’s also allowed to do it without any consequences.

This isn’t news, but I will continue to bring you new examples. Let’s close this column with another clip.

This one is where our Poor Black Child wrestles with the centuries. A disinterested crowd stares at him with what seems like an impossible mix of boredom, disbelief, and boredom.

He isn’t well, folks.

This probably never happened. Don’t write letters.

His grades sucked, contrary to Biden’s oft-repeated claims, and he did not receive a full scholarship, as he’s also claimed.