Biden Heads to the Caribbean and the Hypocrisy Is Too Much To Ignore


We reported that President Joe Biden and his family will be heading to St. Croix for the New Year. They haven’t taken enough vacations over the past year, you know.

A trip that will cost taxpayers boatloads (via security, travel, etc.) The Bidens will be staying in a private beach house, while Americans struggle to pay for heating and eggs. This is not the only reason this trip is unusual. The president is known for his penchant to take weekly vacations, even though the country has been suffering under his presidency.

This is not the case. A winter storm continues to ravage the country and cause more deaths. Yet, this is the way that the media is reporting on it.

You may recall a politician who flew to the Caribbean in the midst of a severe winter storm. How he was treated by the media. Ted Cruz was the man I am referring to. He spent 24 hours in Cancun, with his daughters, before being forced to return to the United States.

Cruz, a US Senator, did not play any role in the response to the Texas disaster that was occurring at the time. This was due to the severe winter storm that hit Texas and parts of the South. The press hounded Cruz for not fulfilling his duty to leave his home, which likely didn’t have power. They made snarky headlines and CNN spent hours covering what was basically a non-story.

Biden, the man who controls the nation’s emergency responses systems, is seen heading to St. Croix amid a huge freeze that is still killing people and the media has nothing too negative to say about it. Why is that?

To be certain, I have examples. You might be able to spot the subtle differences in tone and framing when compared with Biden’s beach vacation. You may need to look closely.

It is amazing that CNN actually reported on Biden’s Caribbean vacation, but spun it as him contemplating his super-important decision about 2024. All Cruz had to do was inform the media that he was in Cancun thinking about running for President. Right?

It’s all a joke. To be a Republican is to be held to absurd standards that make no technical sense. Cruz does not have emergency response powers. A Democrat does not mean that you are held to technical standards. Biden has emergency response powers.

Is it possible to estimate how many elections were influenced by this dynamic? Although it’s difficult to quantify, I would venture to guess that more than a few have been influenced by this dynamic. It is actually quite surprising that Republicans can keep the national total so close, given the headwinds they face from a partisan media that refuses to conceal its subversion.