Biden Insults Americans on Inflation Proving He is Completely Out of His Mind


Joe Biden is not very bright and he is incoherent.

Joe’s biggest problem is his inability to admit to his mistakes.

Joe says that his economy is amazing.

Joe must assist us with our infirmities.

Inflation is what we are concerned about because it is money that is going out of our pockets. Joe doesn’t care about inflation, his brain is full of mush so he focuses on giving our money away.

He uses this insulting view to justify his failures.

Biden tried to make “ultra MAGA” a demon. However, Democrats control both legislative and executive branches. They are not responsible for it. Biden admitted that they control all branches, even though he was wrong.

Joe. The judiciary branch is not under your control even though they have been intimidated by your encouraging protests against them.

Biden attacked Sen. Rick Scott’s tax plan (R.FL) in an attempt to shift blame. Reporters asked him for his opinion on Scott’s call to resign. He claimed he wasn’t competent.

Biden responded that Scott was having a problem. Scott replied with a slap.

But then, there was the kicker. Biden couldn’t even get Scott’s state right.

Scott leveled Biden.

Biden is far from being able to do the basic things right. It seems that he is getting worse.