Biden Makes Another Crazy Claim About the Tennessee Three


The “parting” of ways between Fox and Tucker Carlson has sparked a lot of drama. Lemon has already screamed and thrown CNN under the bus. CNN says he’s not telling the truth. It’s hard to say who the public would trust more between CNN and Lemon.

Joe Biden’s health continues to decline despite all the drama.

On Monday, he invited the 2023 Teachers of Year from the Council of Chief State School Officers to the White House and made an unsettling comment about children belonging to the country. This is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton. No, you cannot own or control our children. This is also part of their plan to disrupt all order. They want to disrupt the natural order between parents and children.

As Biden spoke, he couldn’t even read the text on the teleprompter. His brain stopped working mid-sentence. Biden said, “Our education policies should reflect what we have learned.” His brain started to go south.

Biden seemed to just fill in the remainder of the sentence because he couldn’t figure it out.

Jahana Hayes, a member of Congress from Connecticut since 2019, was also a problem for him.

Where are you, Jonah? You’re right there, Jonah! Biden said, “Stand up Jonah!” With how he spelled her name, you would have thought he never met her. He kept saying her name incorrectly, but he still acted as if he knew her. The name is pronounced as “Ja-hana”, just like you would think from the spelling.

Biden claimed he would name teachers who had faith in him. He then failed to do this.

Biden then made a little deception, claiming that politicians were “banning” books. This was a false accusation aimed at Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis.

First, nobody is “banning” books. The state of Florida evaluates whether books are appropriate for children based on their age and subject matter. This is how it has always been done. The second part of his statement is a bit nerve-wracking. It is not as if the law in Florida, the Parental Rights Law, gives parents less control over what their children are taught. Joe wants to sexualize children and teach inappropriate sex literature to young children. This sounds like it. The law supports parents and fights against this.

In the aftermath of the Nashville shooting, where a transgender woman shot and killed six individuals including three children and staff members, the left has come up with a bizarre idea. They have flipped the facts. The Tennessee Capitol had a “Transurrection”, and this somehow became about the transgender being attacked. Biden said it on Monday, in the Rose Garden: “LGBT teachers and students are being attacked.” But the attack was actually against a Christian elementary school.

Biden did not meet with the families of those killed in Nashville but he met on Monday with “Tennesee Three”, the three Democrats involved in the “transurrection,” who “attacked the democracy,” and obstructed the official proceedings. Biden said that the attempt to remove the three Democrats from the government through democratic means after they had broken the rules was “shocking.”

Biden said to the three men, “You are standing up for your kids and for our communities” because they were promoting gun control. But they are not fighting for children. They are promoting their own agenda and that of the Democrats. As I reported previously, they voted against the bipartisan bill to improve school safety for children.

The Biden staff would not allow the media to ask Biden about his bizarre view on the whole thing. The Biden staff did everything they could to eject the reporters from the room as soon as the photo shoot was over.

Families of children and staff who died at Covenant School were not invited.

Is this the guy about to announce that he is running for reelection? My colleague pointed out that they might try to make Biden hide in the basement, but now they can’t.