Biden Might Set a Record, but Not One Any President Should Want


Joe Biden’s misrule, or more precisely the misbegotten reign of Ron Klain and the rest of Biden’s handlers, will go down in history as one of the darkest periods of American history: one of encroaching federal authoritarianism, aggressive assaults on our national identity, and rapid political and economic decline. In light of the revolting and horrific record this regime has amassed over the last two years, as well as its chief mouthpiece’s galloping dementia, it’s no surprise that the Biden administration is on track to set a record, but it’s not one that anyone connected to this dumpster fire in Washington should be proud of: Old Joe is set to establish a modern record for fewest press conferences by someone who claims to be president of the United States.

David E. Clementson, assistant professor at Grady College of Journalism and the Mass Communication University of Georgia. In The Conversation, he wrote Monday that Biden had to wait until March 2021 before he could hold his first conference. This happened more than two years after Biden’s inauguration. His handlers probably knew that Biden wasn’t ready to deal with the media in an unscripted setting. They were also preparing for Potemkin press conferences. This has been a hallmark feature of this administration.

You could say that he had 10 press conferences in his first year of office. Since his beginning of pretending to be a presidential candidate, he has only held 21 press conferences.

Biden repeatedly stated in the fog of dementia that he was unable to answer any questions. Biden stated to a reporter in Nov. 2021 that he wasn’t allowed to answer questions. Biden then left the room, saying that he wasn’t going to answer any questions about Afghanistan. Biden asked reporters if Afghanistan was not on the script. He replied that he would answer any questions. People gave Biden a list of names of people he’d call.

Clementson says that even the White House’s sycophantic media corps is fed-up with the Biden show. “In June 2022, several White House journalists complained about Biden’s inaccessibility.” They claimed that Biden was practicing practices that were ‘antithetical’ to the idea of a free media and pointed out that all previous presidents, including Trump, allowed full access to these spaces. This assertion is not surprising for those who view Trump as the source and summit of all evil in America.

They shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Biden’s press conferences were “antithetical” to the idea of a free press. The Biden regime’s Disinformation Governance Board and its collaboration with Big Tech giants in order to silence dissidents makes it clear that they don’t respect the idea of a free press. Biden’s handlers’ contempt for dissent and growing apparent authoritarianism are the best explanations. They keep Old Joe from any difficult questions.