Biden Opposes Armed Teachers Because He Says It’s Not Easy To Blow Someone’s Brains Out


At a Democrat fundraiser on Friday, President Biden stated that one reason he opposed arming teachers was because it is difficult to “blow out someone’s brains,” FOX News reports.

Biden stated, “The idea that we’re going provide – The way to deal with gun security is to provide teachers guns in classrooms.” It’s not easy to train someone in the military. It is not easy to grab a gun or rifle and blow someone’s head out.

The New York Post reported Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, saying that Biden was opposed to “hardening school” following the Uvalde school shootings.

“I’m aware of the conversation around hardening schools. Jean-Pierre stated that he does not believe in such a thing.

“We are the only country dealing with gun violence at this rate, while other countries have mental disorders. What’s the problem? She explained that the problem is guns and lack of legislation to deal with an issue that has become a pandemic in this country.