Biden Plays the Old Ugly American


The Left used to accuse Yanquis, an imperialist and resource-hungry Yanquis from Washington of making selfish deals with dictatorships in Latin America in order to seize their natural resources.

It is strange that President Joe Biden now begs the despicable Maduro regime of Venezuela — murderous, corrupt, and anti-American — for more oil to ship northward to America.

Biden is willing to lift sanctions and accept the human rights violations of Maduro — provided his dictatorship opens its oil spigots prior to the November midterm elections.

Biden campaigned in 2020 on the supposed evil nature of the Saudi Arabian monarchy. After unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate with Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and Iran, Biden decided that he would once more supplicate Saudi Arabians for more oil.

Biden also pleaded with OPEC for more output and a lower world price of energy before the midterm elections.

Remember that Biden boasts that he reduced gas prices at the pump, even though the volatility inherent in the petroleum markets causes a slight decrease. Biden is silent about his role in limiting U.S. crude oil and gas production once prices rise.

It was therefore not surprising that the Saudis were the fourth non-democratic government to decline Biden’s requests. Biden was talking about ending fossil fuels at the time of the 2020 campaign. He opportunistically called the Saudis a “pariah state” during that campaign.

Biden also claimed that Trump’s opponent, ex-President Donald Trump, had gotten cozy with these allegedly evil Saudi royals. This was ironic considering that Trump was the first American president to have no need for Saudi oil.

His administration was able to make the United States the world’s largest producer of oil and gas, thereby avoiding any dependence on other illiberal regimes.

Trump was the first American president to not be energy-driven in his interest in the monarchies of the Gulf States.

Instead, he joined forces with the Arab countries to end hostilities against Israel. Abraham Accords resulted in a historic thaw, with the Jewish state and moderate Arab countries partnering together to end hostilities with Israel. This was due to their common concerns about Iran’s unhinged theocracy.

Saudi Arabians now enjoy the schadenfreude of their American critic being on his knees demanding purportedly polluting, dirty oil from a “pariah” state.

Team Biden, in desperate response to their “no”, is getting savage. The administration suggested that pre-midterm retribution be taken by suing the OPEC cartel for a price-rigging monopoly. Even Congress allies were able to convince Riyadh to be punished for not being an American pawn.

American citizens are disgusted by Biden’s deplorable show of global oil greed, begging for help in the midterms. They are embarrassed that their newly energy-independent country is now asking for non-democratic regimes to take every drop of oil. This includes threatening their former allies and coaxing their current enemies.

Even more bizarre, the public was once informed that Biden and the Left wanted higher energy prices.

What else could Biden have done to cancel the Keystone Pipeline after he took office?

He did not keep his green promises to the radical environmentalist Left and shut down oil fields in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Did Biden not firmly compel pensions funds, lending agencies, and money managers to refrain from investing in or loaning to oil and gas companies?

Did Biden issue fewer federal energy leases than any other president?

Biden was the one who urged the Europeans to reject EastMed’s pipeline on the eve of the Ukrainian war. This project was a crucial joint effort of three of our closest allies, Israel, Cyprus, and Greece to bring clean-burning natural gases to an energy-starved Europe.

Did Biden, in sum, brag to the Left about keeping his campaign promises to choke fossil fuels — both curbing supplies and spiking their prices — to accelerate the “transition to wind, solar and batteries?”

Biden is playing the hard-nosed, ugly American and humiliating Americans. Why does he insist that foreigners produce what we have in abundance but not enough?

Raw politics is the answer.

Biden is well aware that he has wrecked the economy when he deliberately inflated oil prices to pursue the Left’s utopian green nightmare.

Biden will do whatever it takes to avoid a historic midterm wipeout.

That means that all human rights sermons about exile states such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are out of date.

Biden taught us in the winter of 2021 that fossil fuels were a dirty obstacle to our green future.

Biden thinks that he can force his enemies to send more taboo energy, which he won’t be able to produce himself, in the winter of 2022.

All these absurdities are your best bet.