Biden Proves Math Is Hard and Then Some With Latest Remarks


Joe Biden visited a Volvo powertrain plant at Hagerstown, Maryland on Friday to discuss the economy.
Biden is a man who opens his mouth. This is a sign that he has problems with both coherence as well as honesty.

His remarks began with a little problem. “Let’s start with two words: Made In America!”

Um, Joe? You might need to re-count those words. You know math can be difficult and you have already demonstrated that you don’t understand the economy, which is why there is so much inflation. One would imagine that you could count to three.

Joe, as some have pointed out, has a long-term problem with math. Joe even called “Jobs”, a three-letter word, in 2008.

Biden requested that we keep an eye on him. We continue to watch him and see similar problems. It doesn’t matter, but it does. He is responsible for policy and nuclear codes.

Geely Automobile is now the owner of Volvo, a Chinese-owned major auto brand. Joe, you did a great job. It’s funny how China keeps popping up in the mix.

Biden repeated some of his lies/misleading statements, namely that he was bringing down inflation and “wage growth is solid”, when in fact real wages are falling due to the terrible inflation.

“We must bring down inflation without compromising the economic progress made by middle- and working-class people. Biden stated that this is exactly what they are seeing. This is great progress! Bidenflation has been a terrible time for everyone, especially the working and middle classes. Prices are skyrocketing for almost everything. The average American is paying $4200 more per year for Biden.

Biden also claimed credit for the fall in gas prices, even though they are now back up.

At the time he arrived, the average national gas price was $2.34. It’s now at $3.81, $1.50 higher. It has risen more than 10 cents in the last month and 60 cents in the last year.

Claiming that he is bringing it down, is downright dishonest. While they had a temporary drop in their income for a few months, it was still much higher than when he arrived. It’s nothing to brag about. Although it is not clear that he brought down prices, it is true that he has taken from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve savings account to support the Democrats’ chances in midterms. He intends to continue doing so after the election.

OPEC has just cut production despite Biden asking them for more production in July. Gas prices will likely rise even more.

What is Biden’s plan to increase American production, speaking of “Made in America”?

He lifted sanctions against the Venezuelan Communist dictatorship and asked them to produce more. Made-in-America is not good for oil. Before he lifts restrictions on our energy production, he’ll travel to Saudi Arabia or Communists. It is clear that he doesn’t care about America.