Biden Repeated Same Story He Just Told, Raising Concerns About Mental Fitness


Joe Biden’s remarks while meeting with Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, as I previously reported, did not go well.

He acknowledged that they told him when to talk and when to cut off the journalists. As he entered the stage he almost knocked over the Brazilian flag, and left Lula behind. The worst part was when he left after Lula’s remarks, he just saluted and walked away, while Lula stood still. He had shook the hand of the other speaker but then seemed to just wave his arms in disgust when Biden walked off without acknowledging him. Biden did not seem to even understand that he should have walked off/shaken hands with Lula.

It’s hard to imagine how many times Joe Biden has upset world leaders by acting like this. It’s so bad now that it’s on video.

Biden attended a reception hosted by Amy Goldman Fowler after the Lula events. The pool report, which is typically a fairly staid recitation of facts, revealed that Biden’s situation got worse.

POTUS started speaking at 4 p.m. Amy Goldman Fowler, the host of the event, introduced him in a beautifully decorated living room. Around two dozen people attended. After briefly praising his economic record and reflecting on his decision, POTUS discussed his decision to run for the presidency. He cited the Charlottesville events in 2017 as the main reason for his presidential campaign. He repeated the story, almost word-for-word, a few minutes later.

If a reporter from a mainstream news outlet feels the need to note it, then you know that something bad happened.

If you repeat what you’ve just said, you have a problem. Biden’s problem is evident in many different ways every day. We’re unlikely to receive an honest diagnosis from the White House but it is not good when older people repeat whole stories they have just told.

As I’ve noted in the past, that story is also based on a falsehood, where Biden has frequently claimed that former President Donald Trump supposedly was including the neo-Nazis in his “fine people on both sides” comment, when Trump specifically condemned neo-Nazis. But that’s classic Joe: Even his reason for running is based on something that isn’t the case.

He “touted” his economic record. What’s there to boast about? Bidenflation has been a terrible experience for Americans.

Biden joked that he “looked thirty” and attacked his predecessor for being a threat to democracy.

Imagine the donor’s reaction when he did the same thing again. It’s not the kind of event you should hold to make people second-guess whether or not they should give you money. There were only two dozen people in attendance, including Richard Schiff who played Toby Ziegler from “The West Wing.”

When he returned to the White House, he walked in a stilted manner, as if stepping off the Marine helicopter.

He didn’t answer any of the questions. He then looked up and pointed to the White House, as if he were asking if this was where he should go.

The Democrats will have to decide soon whether to cut the bait or continue to fish, as things are only getting worse.