Biden Requests $13 Billion More to Help Ukraine Fight Russia


The Biden administration has made funding for Ukraine a priority. The White House doesn’t seem to be concerned about domestic issues such as inflation or soaring gas prices.

According to the Associated Press, President Joe Biden would ask Congress for another $13 billion of security funding in Ukraine. The president will also request that $12 billion be added to federal disaster relief funds. People wonder why the U.S. is in so much debt.

The U.S. has provided over $123 billion in aid to Ukraine since the request was approved by Congress. The request comes at a time when support to fund Ukraine is dwindling.

CNN released a poll that revealed 55% of Americans don’t want to give Ukraine any more aid. 45% thought Congress should approve additional funding. A CNN poll revealed that 51% said the U.S. had done enough for Ukraine while 48% thought it should be doing more. The White House, upon learning of the CNN survey, downplayed the results, stating that the American public’s support for additional funding was “solid”.

John Kirby, the National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications on a Wednesday call with journalists said: “We have seen solid support throughout this war from the American public and solid support from Congress on a bipartisan basis. We will continue to focus on that.”

Kirby said that “it’s not only important for the people of Ukraine but also our European partners and allies. This fighting is right on their doorstep.” “If some Americans do not feel or believe that… I think it is important to remember that we must never let Putin take Ukraine if we sit back, and let him win.

It seems unlikely, despite Biden’s plea, that the GOP-led House would approve additional funding for Ukraine. Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House (R-Calif. ), has said that his small majority will not bring a funding measure for Ukraine to a vote. McCarthy announced in June that he wouldn’t take up any Senate legislation that would increase military aid to Ukraine.

McCarthy told Punchbowl News that the agreement was not going to be changed.